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Do This Not That: Offbeat Cheap Ideas For Visiting NYC

If you’re planning a trip to NYC on a budget, there’s a slew of things to do and a slew of lists telling you all about them. Visitors have different goals when traveling. Some want to cross big ticket items off their bucket list. Others want to pretend they’re locals. No matter what you choose to do, keep in mind that there is not enough time for everything. Even as someone who lives here, there is not enough time. Each thing will tire you out. Everything takes you longer than you expect. Travel-time, visit time, walk-time. Personally, I couldn’t imagine doing more than one attraction a day but I understand time constraints.

Instead Of

If this is your second time visiting, try these alternatives to the sights you probably saw the first time around. If this is your first time visiting, here are some places you might not have on your list.

  • Christmas Tree at Washington Square Park and Bryant Park instead of Rockefeller Center
  • Winter Garden at World Financial Center instead of WTC
  • Cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine instead of Magnolia
  • Bulk Candy at Economy Candy instead of Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • Walk across Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridge instead of Brooklyn Bridge
  • Prospect Park (and Grand Army Plaza) instead of Central Park
  • Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights Brooklyn instead of Store Window Displays in Manhattan
  • Roosevelt Island Tram instead of the ferry to Governor’s Island
  • Cloisters Museum instead of the MET
  • Ice Skating at Bryant Park or Central Park instead of Rockefeller Center
  • Koreatown in Manhattan instead of Chinatown in Manhattan
  • St. John the Divine instead of St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Private-room Karaoke instead of going to a club
  • Egg Cream instead of Soda