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Hello! I’m Leslie.

I’m 34 years old and live in Brooklyn, NY on a single income. I work full-time as a digital analyst and my 1br costs $1,450/month.

I’ve lived in my rent stabilized apartment for 5 years. I don’t own a car. I have two cats. I haven’t received financial assistance from my family since high school. I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate college. I love college sports.

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Twitter: @leslieobeslie
Instagram: @leslieobeslie
Snapchat: lintacious


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NYC/Brooklyn, 90’s indie music, books, running, my cats, baking & cooking, dating, productivity and personal finance.

Blogger Transparency
As a blogger, everything you read here is written by me. I will not use guest writers, please do not ask. Everything I write is my own opinion based on my own life experiences. I do not have any professional financial experience. Nothing I write is sponsored.

Feel free to email me with questions or feedback. Please do not ask about guest posting.

Updated: March 2017