Bell’s Oberon on Tap in NYC

Bell’s Oberon on Tap in NYC


Bell’s Oberon On Tap NYC Map

Using the site Beer Menus, I’ve rounded up an on-going list of bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn that offer Bell’s Oberon on tap. I’d like to visit all/most/a lot of them this summer.

Part of this is an #oberonchallenge to visit as many bars selling Oberon as I can. However, it’s also just an easy way to check out new bars. When I’m stuck for a place to go, I can pull out this list and suggest one of these places. That way I’m learning new places and new neighborhoods. If I don’t like the bar, I have my one Oberon and leave. Or if it’s great then I’ve learned a new bar.

Obviously the taps change frequently, so I’m trying to update the map once a week. No promises that this will always be accurate at all times.

Unofficial Bell’s Oberon on Tap in NYC

Why I Love Bell’s Oberon

I’m normally not one to shill products. Obviously these are my opinions and this post isn’t sponsored and blah blah blah.

My relationship with alcohol hasn’t been long. Growing up with an angry alcoholic was a pretty good deterrent for the stuff. I was convinced that if I got drunk, I would hurt someone (physically or verbally). So I avoided it all throughout college. I know, not stereotypical. My college boyfriend didn’t drink either (for no solid reasons) and I never felt pressured to drink. I made a circle of friends with others who didn’t drink and rarely thought about it. Also, taking a full class load and working full time really left little time for anything else.

After college, my 4-year relationship ended and my friend’s left Michigan after graduation. I stayed for another year and made new friends. Then I began socializing in bars and had to learn how to drink. Cheap college-kid beer tasted gross. It also reminded me of my step-father who only drank Milwaukee’s Best. Just the smell of cheap beer reminded me of smelling it on his breath. Gross!

Then at some point during the summer after I graduated, someone offered me a Bell’s Oberon. It was served with an orange slice. It wasn’t the color of pee. And it didn’t remind me of my terrible childhood. Also, it was actually quite tasty. Bell’s Oberon was the first ‘real’ beer I ever had. And the first beer I ever enjoyed. So when I say it’s a beer I love, there is a huge nostalgia factor happening.

After I left Michigan, I quickly learned that Bell’s is a rather small brewery in Kalamazoo and doesn’t have a huge distribution. None on the east coast, actually. Whenever someone took a trip to Michigan, I always asked them to bring me back Bell’s. I pined for it.

Last year, Bell’s announced they were expanding their distribution to New York City! I was ecstatic! I still am excited that I can get Bell’s on tap here! Since Oberon is a seasonal beer, this is only the second summer I’ve been able to just go out to a bar in Brooklyn and order it. I’m not over the novelty yet.


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