Weekly Recap: Station Eleven & Ex Machina Are Great

Weekly Recap: Station Eleven & Ex Machina Are Great


Books: Tracks, Station Eleven, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Tracks feels like the Australian version of Wild. Though I haven’t read Wild so I can’t really be a judge. It had it’s ups and downs it was very interesting. Most of the book was talking about her preparations. More talking about her preparations than the actual walk. But I think that’s just because walking is really boring. These trips always sound interesting to us as on lookers but really its just someone walking a long distance. I know nothing about Aborigine culture or the outback so that was pretty interesting and informative for me.

Station Eleven really made me think about the luxuries we have in society today. Like electricity. This doesn’t seem to get mentioned in many post apocalyptic stories. There is no electricity or running water. And children are born not knowing electricity or television programming. Crazy to think that there could be a demise to that affect. This book was not about zombies which made it feel more real. It was just about a flu. That part reminded me a lot of Captain Trips in The Stand. But there isn’t a supernatural element to this book. It also reminded me a little of The Road because it was emotional. But no zombies.

I was recommended We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves from a friend and I enjoyed it. It was a little all over the place. A mix of Gorillas in the Mist and Everything I never Told You. An interesting family study but then also really about animal rights. The writing was really good and kept me interested though. And I was pleasantly surprised by the happy ending.

not a scene from Ex Machina

Movies: Ex Machina

This is one of the best sci-fi films I have seen in a long time. Okay, I still haven’t seen Interstellar. But I did see Gravity. Though those are different movies. Ex Machina was just fantastic. It has a tiny cast but every actor performs perfectly. There are some reveals that were obvious and some that weren’t. The ending isn’t necessarily happy or sad. A little sad. But rather ambivalent actually. It also sparked a lot of conversation between my friend and I. Very much like Station Eleven, I wondered what the future would be like if it went this way. I also began to wonder if I’m a robot. How would I know?! Well, I bleed. So there’s that. But the film does a great job at getting into your head to the point where that is a real question the characters deal with.

Time Machine


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