Weekly Updates: Video Games + Rats

Weekly Updates: Video Games + Rats


gunzerker from borderlands 2

PS3 Games and Now I Don’t Sleep

Last weekend I bought a used PS3 plus a collection of games from a friend for $100. So now my video game console collection consists of the PS3, a modded PS2, and a gamecube. It’s more of a museum than a collection really. But everything works and I still play the Gamecube occasionally. That was actually a gift to myself when I graduated college. The transition from working full-time+school to just working full-time left me with so much free time I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I bought a Gamecube and played a lot of Mario Kart.

So now I’m catching up on PS3 exclusives and other video games that I have missed in the past 5-years or so. When the system first came out, I borrowed it from friends and played many of the initial games like the first Little Big Planet. But so much more has been released since then!

I am openly asking for recommendations of indie PSN games. I love these things! I plan to purchase Unfinished Swan and Journey. Any others worth checking out? For full games, I’m currently playing The Last of Us by myself and Borderlands 2 co-op. The Last of Us is really sad. And Borderlands 2 is a lot of fun. I’m the gunzerker guy you see in the image above. That’s me! Dual-wielding machine guns so you better watch out!

If you have a PSN account, add me to your friends list – I’m lintacious!

inflatable rats

Rats, Rats, Everywhere

Selective perception is just the worst. Last week I read a book on NYC Rats. And at the same time, the weather warmed up. My friend got a mouse in her apartment. There are union rats outside my work building because the management company isn’t hiring union workers (gross). And warm weather has been bringing out other pesky vermin. So many creepy crawlies. But, from the rat book, I learned that there are not nearly as many rats in NYC as we are lead to believe. There are about 250,000 rats in the city; that’s about 1 rat per 36 people. See, not too bad considering we’re squashing 8 million people on a tiny island producing so much garbage. The book really was great, plus, it counts as a microhistory for my book challenge.

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5 Replies to “Weekly Updates: Video Games + Rats”

  1. I’ve never heard of union rats before! When I saw your photo I thought it might be a promo for the Yellow Rat bastard store! In other rat news, I have never put bird feeders out before, but this year the local birds are at risk of starving due to the weather, so I caved. I am afraid of attracting rats, though.

    1. I hope the birds get to the food before the rats do! Union Rats are a big thing here in nyc but I hadn’t seen them before. I’m not sure if it’s because there is an abundance of cheap labor that not using Unions is more common; or if the Unions ask for too much here. Either way, the Union Rats are definitely shaming at it’s finest.

  2. I laughed out loud at this regarding your gaming library: “It’s more of a museum than a collection really”

    Also, how much time weekly do you spend reading? And if you weren’t reading, what would you be doing?

    1. How much time weekly do I spend reading?! Good question. Let’s see if I can estimate something. I’m usually reading on my commute, round-trip that’s 1h 20m. If I weren’t reading during that time I’d either play a game on my iTouch, listen to music, or do nothing. Then at home I spend at least an hour after work reading on weeknights. Weekends are all over the place because I have been known to spend 3+ hours reading on the couch. Usually though I have to go out and run errands but I’ll be reading on the subway during that time too. Adding all that up for a week: 6h during commute, 5h after work, and let’s estimate 5h on a weekend. So 16 hours a week reading? After work and on weekends, if I weren’t reading I should be writing but more likely I would just go to bed early.

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