NYC Auto Show 2015 Recap & Photos

NYC Auto Show 2015 Recap & Photos


Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by people who know a lot about cars. I didn’t grow up around mechanics nor did I help my dad rebuild engines. But lots of people I knew simply knew a lot about cars. My dad was always interested in learning about new models and enjoyed buying/trading for new cars and trucks. Browsing new models was a hobby for him.

The significant other of one of my serious relationships was also very into cars. He modded his car and would take it to the track. Him and this whole group of friends were serious car enthusiasts. They would rebuild engines and always had a car in their garage at home as a project. I didn’t learn the ins and outs of everything, but it did continue my general affinity for cars.

For the past few years, I’ve went to the NYC Auto Show when it comes to the Javits Center in Manhattan every April. It is a huge show, taking over the entire convention hall. There are super cars and imports and custom cars and rebuilds and old cars and concept cars and domestics and trucks and lots of other things. Even not knowing everything about every brand, it’s still fun for me to just go and look around. Even though I currently don’t own a car and likely won’t until I leave the city.

Unexpectedly, I missed my dad a lot while I was there. This was one of those little things that I forgot about. Every year after I go to the show, I would call and tell him all about it. He’d ask about the cars and it would be a really fun conversation. It was the first time I realized that I wouldn’t be having that phone call. But, I’m glad I do have these memories of my dad. And it kind of felt like he was there with me.

This year I went alone, meeting up with some friends for some of it, but doing most of my wandering on my own. It wasn’t quite as fun because I didn’t have anyone to ask a million questions to, but it was nice to go at my own pace. I took a ton of photos!

Photos from 2015 NYC Auto Show

2015 nyc auto show bugatti
nyc auto show 2015 dodge viper rainbow
Dodge Viper – With every color option available
nyc auto show 2015 ford model 5 fdny
Ford Model T FDNY
ford gt nyc auto show 2015
Ford GT
 nyc auto show Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R
Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R
 nyc auto show maserati
 nyc auto show mclaren
 nyc auto show rolls royce wraith ghost series 2015
Rolls Royce Wraith – Ghost Series II
 nyc auto show historic nypd cars
Historic Police Cars Exhibit
alfa romeo nyc auto show
Alfa Romeo

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    1. Yes there are consumer cars! I took a TON of photos but only wanted to post a handful of the eye-catching ones. I can email you other pics separately. The point of the show is to actually draw consumers in to see what is new from the manufacturer, then be able to sit in the cars, touch them, ask questions, then go their local deal (or the dealer there at the show) and actually buy the car. This is usually where they show new models in general. Not shown, Buick was featuring their new model The Cascada, their first convertible in over a decade. There is a whole section on trucks, etc.

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