March Spending 2015

March Spending 2015


Income has been fairly consistent so far this year. Currently I am having a friend stay with me and am receiving a small amount of extra rent from them. All of this extra income is going directly into my savings, which I’m still trying to rebuild after last summer.

The largest expense this month was my cat Scarface’s bladder stone removal surgery. This was a planned expense. I charged the $950 total to my credit card for the rewards. Then will use my tax refund to pay it off in full for my next statement. An unexpected expense was clothing. I almost made it a full month without buying any clothes. Unfortunately, the zipper broke on a pair of jeans one day at work. So I had to make an emergency run to Century 21, near my work building, and purchased two pairs of jeans ($60 each) on my lunch break. This was my first time at the store and it really lived up to all the hype.

In March, I was very conscious of grocery, booze and eating out spending. All of those combined were $374 this month. Last month they were $377. Consistency! I am not limiting myself from eating out or going out to bars, but I am just staying a lot more conscious of it. I find that as long as I have groceries in the house, I tend not to eat out. And as long as I made dinner the night before, I can eat leftovers for lunch. So that solves two problems. And it’s been a long time since I ordered delivery. I’m fine with spending $400/month on this bulk category. Remember, this is just feeding myself.

I don’t often spend a lot of money on House items. Usually cleaning supplies fall under this category. But this month I bought a replacement cupcake carrier and a new towel rack. (It’s fancy and I love it). I also spent some money on gifts this month. I’m still on the fence about gifts for friends because, who needs more stuff? But I put thought into it and it was appreciated. Nothing overboard. And I am still sending birthday cards out to people I like. This was something I started last year and it has been well received. It’s also enjoyable for me because while putting the card together, I spend a few moments thinking about that person. And it feels nice to take that step back. I especially like the cards because it’s nice to reach out to someone without really feeling intrusive.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of Century 21 clothing; that is the name of a really well-established real estate company in Canada. The stuff on their website looks good, though! Hope all is well sharing space with a temporary room mate. And hope Scarface has made a full recovery!

    1. Century 21 is also a huge real estate company here. The clothing store is very very regional, there are stores only in nyc, new jersey, and one in philadelphia. It is like a higher scale TJ Maxx almost in that it has designer clothes for steep discounts. But is fairly organized. And while the clothes are cheaper than original price, they’re not necessarily cheap.

  2. I love your spending breakdowns. The hand-drawn charts are awesome and it’s interesting to see where the money goes.

    I was wondering, what kind of towel rack did you get? I’m in the market for one right now, so I’m curious.

    1. Thanks Dave! The towel rack I bought was the “Winthrop Hotel Rack Wall-Mounted Shelf” from Bed Bath Beyond. It was the only towel rack with a shelf the store I went to had available, it was $40 (same as online price). I really wanted one with a shelf because things kept falling out of my medicine cabinet. So I bought that little basket to put bigger things in (hairbrush) because I don’t have much bathroom storage.

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