Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches


I hesitate to call this a recipe as you aren’t cooking or baking anything, you’re building. However, there is melted chocolate involved, which means a stove top, which means an opportunity to burn something. So, in that case, I suppose this is a recipe after all. Unless you’re using a microwave of course. I won’t be describing that method here though.

After experiencing a shift of life values last August, I decided to really focus on spending more time with the good people in my life. At the time it was common for me to make excuses why I can’t hang out, cancel last minute, or go months without talking to a friend. Not that all that isn’t okay – friendships can stand the test of silent periods – but it I really wanted to have less of that in my life. And more quality time in general.

So I started hosting Sunday dinners for friends once a month. This wasn’t a dinner party. It was just a (very) small gathering of my friends over delicious food. I’ve learned over the years that, for the most part, people will eat anything that is cooked for them. I don’t need to spend all day making a gourmet meal. My friends will happily eat Sloppy Joe’s and that’s a delicious meal I do not have to stress over.

But it does give me a chance to try to new recipes. I love baking but don’t do it unless I have an event to make something for. And these dinner’s are perfect for that. That is how I found myself perusing my recipe box last weekend, deciding on a recipe titled “Grandma’s Porters Corners Crackers”. The recipe wasn’t quite descriptive enough so I took what was there and combined it with some Google research.

In the end, I combined crackers, peanut butter, and melted chocolate to make the tastiest dessert! Even though everyone recommends this for the holidays, it’s a perfect snack for any time. These freeze incredibly well and you can eat them with little thawing. In fact, they come fairly close to tasting like one of those peanut butter patty girl scout cookies. Almost.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Cracker Sandwiches

assemble the sandwiches  using just plain ritz crackers and creamy peanut butter
assemble the sandwiches using just plain ritz crackers and creamy peanut butter

Assemble The Sandwiches

Put together creamy peanut butter between two Ritz crackers to make a sandwich. Some recipes recommend making a frosting with the peanut butter but that is too sweet for me. I just used regular peanut butter. Once you have a bunch of sandwiches, I made about 36, put them in the freezer for about 30-minutes.

This is a general good practice when coating anything in chocolate. The chocolate is warm and will easily melt whatever you’re trying to cover. At the very least, it will make everything far messier and more difficult to work with than it needs to be. So, freeze the sandwiches. You just can’t be in a rush for this.

chocolate covering pb crackers station in my tiny brooklyn kitchen
chocolate covering station in my tiny brooklyn kitchen

Melt The Chocolate

Now, when it comes to melting chocolate, there are some tricks. In general, it’s really quite easy. For years I managed to melt chocolate directly on the stove top over a burner without scorching it. But, I don’t recommend this. Why? Because using a double boiler is so much easier! I cobbed one together by using a large stock pot and a smaller sauce pot. Boil water in the stock pot, then set your sauce pot in it so it is being heated by the boiling water. This is hot enough to melt the chocolate without worrying about scorching it with direct flame.

I use regular Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate. You can use chocolate candies or bark or chocolate chips. Another trick here, when actually melting the chocolate in the pot (or if you plan to use the microwave) add a tiny bit of oil to the chocolate. This helps it stay smooth and makes it easier to work with while doing the actual covering.

chocolate covered pb crackers easy to decorate with rainbow sprinkles
experimenting with different sprinkles for decorations

Coat and Cover

Covering items with chocolate is rather tedious. Again, you can’t rush it. Drop your sandwich in the melted chocolate. Then with a fork, move it around, flip it over, put chocolate on top of it. Until it’s covered. Then lift your sandwich out of there on top of the fork. Another trick, tap against the side of the pot to get excess chocolate off. This helps to prevent a mess and make the chocolate more uniform. Also, you’re not wasting chocolate. Once you’ve made nice loud tapping noises that annoy the cats, gently drop the sandwich onto wax paper.

Lay out the wax paper on a large baking sheet so you can easily transport this to the refrigerator to cool later on. You can put the sandwiches very close together as well. As soon as you drop down the sandwich, be ready to decorate with sprinkles. You want to do this while the chocolate is still warm and they will stick.

Now just repeat the process. About half way through, the chocolate will likely start to cool and become harder to work with. Simply put the pot back in the boiling water (which should have been on low all this time). Set it in for about 5-minutes and you’ll notice it’s whipped right back into shape. This is also why the double boiler is much easier to handle than direct heat.

peanut butter ritz cracker sandwiches cooling after being covered in chocolate
pb ritz sandwiches, covered in chocolate and cooling on pan (on wax paper)

Freeze, Wait, Eat

Once you have all the sandwiches covered with chocolate, decorated, and on the wax paper, pick up the whole pan and pop it into the freezer. Leave it there for at least 30 minutes if not longer.

Since these aren’t factory-chocolate-covered, they will get gooey quickly. I recommend keeping them in the refrigerator until serving. Then popping them back in the fridge throughout the evening. Keep a plate in the fridge at all times and rotate. Definitely store them overnight in the fridge. Long-term store them in the freezer.

These also work well for goodie bags; as long as you store in the fridge until handing them out. I put them in clear plastic treat bags frozen, tied with a ribbon, then put them in the fridge until the afternoon where I handed them out to co-workers. I love that these require very few decorating skills because I have very few decorating skills.


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