Let a Win Be A Win Instead of Seeking Perfection

Let a Win Be A Win Instead of Seeking Perfection


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We’re Undefeated, We’re Not Perfect – John Calipari, Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky, who at the time of this is writing has a 38-0 record, has had a few close calls in the season. And some of them would have been embarrassing losses. Beating an unranked team by one possession isn’t much to be proud of. Yet, a win is a win. It doesn’t need to be pretty. It doesn’t need to be perfect. They won. And it goes on the record books as a win.

Their record isn’t 34 wins, 0 losses, 4 just barely’s. And yours isn’t either.

Accomplishments Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Even when we accomplish projects successfully, we may still tell ourselves how it could have gone better. How we could have finished it faster. Or how it still needs improvement. We don’t let ourselves have the win. We think it needs to be perfect. That we need to defeat the opponent by 10 points plus or it doesn’t count. Who says? Let this one be a win. Take stock of what you could have improved and improve it in the next game. The next project, the next assignment, the next idea.

This concept has also been explained as “Done Vs Perfect”. But words like ‘done’ or ‘complete’ just don’t feel as good as saying ‘win’. Finishing a project is a win! It’s not just over, the end, finished. You’re never finished. You have more projects and ideas to work on. More games to play. But this is a win! One win in the books. Let that win be a win.

Now, keep track of all you’ve learned, and put it into motion for the next game. The next project. This one doesn’t have to be perfect either. Because each one is getting better and better. Or maybe you slip up at one. You complete it but after it’s due; in overtime. You know what, that’s still a win! It may have been messy, and people were probably doubting you, but you pulled through and got another win. And learned more on what to do/not do in future games; on future projects.

A Win is a Win

When we look back in the books and see games won in overtime, as with the Ole Miss v Kentucky game back in January, we don’t think about how much the team was screwing up; or who dropped the ball (literally); or who is to blame. Instead, we think, that team played hard. That team faced a real challenge and pulled through. Everything was against them, they probably made their share of mistakes too, but they got the win.

Lucky for us, when we think back to list our yearly accomplishments and projects finished, things like overtime aren’t usually kept track of. Deadlines missed are often forgotten in time. All that’s remembered or cared about is that the project was completed. You got the win.

A win is a win is a win. Stop focusing on being perfect. Instead, focus on getting that win.


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