Weekly Updates: March Madness + RPGs

Weekly Updates: March Madness + RPGs


michigan state in the ncaa men's basketball tournament every year tom izzo is magical

March Madness – Go Green!

Once again, Michigan State Men’s basketball has exceeded all expectations, ranked as a 7 seed in the tournament, and made it to the Elite Eight! Their playing isn’t always the prettiest. But, remember, this was supposed to be a “transition year.” The team lost several seniors last year. Adrian Payne is now playing in the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves. So this was to be a year of rebuilding. There are no out-right all stars on the team. Yet, as a team, they are pulling together, playing their hearts out, and winning games. Closely. But sometimes, a win is a win.

Sure, MSU could be better at free throws. But they’re getting better. In the game against Oklahoma, MSU made their last 6 free throw shots! It’s the little things.

[Tom Izzo’s] streak of three straight Final Four appearances from 1999 to 2001 is the third-longest of all time, and his six Final Four appearances in the years 1999–2010 were matched by no other team in college basketball. – Wikipedia

This really shows just how talented (magical) Tom Izzo is as a coach. There’s a general rule to never bet against Tom Izzo in March and this year’s tournament is a perfect example of that. Izzo has been coaching MSU’s Men’s Basketball team since 1995 – 20 years. And of those, he’s brought the team to the tournament 18 times!

When I attended Michigan State from 2001-2004, I didn’t care about it’s sports teams at all. I was too busy working and going to classes and hanging out with my not-interested-in-sports boyfriend. I didn’t care that we were a B1G school. I never went to a game. Yet, after I graduated, being a Spartan became really important to me. As a decision that I made when I was 18, to transfer to Michigan State from the east coast for the sole purpose of following my heart, it actually is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far.

To this day, I’m proud to be a Spartan; to bleed green. Go Green! Izzo4Life!

RPG: Numenera Half-Way Point

When I began playing this RPG I forgot one important thing… it is a serial story. And I just don’t have the attention span for serial storytelling. I am enjoying the world and the story our GM is creating. I actually love the process of RPG’s. The creativity, improvisation, and pure imagination it takes to run one. My view of RPG’s are slightly skewed because I played video games and MMORPG’s before table-top. This format is slower than video games, which takes some getting used to.

It is also more open-ended and requires full on participation. In the beginning I didn’t realize that I need to really speak-up when I want to try something or have an idea. Otherwise, someone else says what I’m thinking then they get the XP. As a sometimes shy person in a group, I finally began adapting to that by our third session. We agreed from the beginning to have a six-session campaign. So right now we are half-way through.

I may make my character different next time. I wasn’t exactly sure what the world was like and what would be most useful. I’m usually a squishee (high dps and low armor), which hasn’t been as much fun this time around. Partly it’s because Numenera is a world that isn’t highly magical.

Books: The Paying Guests & Citizen: An American Lyric

Unfortunately The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters was a big disappointment. I’m new to Sarah Waters and this genre – having only read it for the book challenge. But the first half of the book really grabbed me and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t quite what I expected and I read it quickly; looking forward to reading it on my commute and in the evenings. The writing was strong, even if the character’s weren’t. But I was invested in the story.

Then the second half of the book was the most boring drivel I’ve encountered. The last 250 pages consisted of a boring boring court trial that the main character’s were hardly involved with. At first I started skimming through, thinking that this would be maybe 30-pages then move on to continue the plot. But, nope. The plot, maybe there wasn’t even one to begin with, just stopped dead for this court trial. The trial was repetitive, did nothing for character development, and wasn’t even interesting. It felt almost like Waters really wanted to write a crime novel and the beginning part was just fluff to get there. Which is unfortunate because her crime writing is very weak.

After that, I read Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine for the Poetry book challenge. This is a genre I rarely read, so it was nice to get outside my comfort zone. Also, outside my comfort zone as this was a book addressing race in American. The writing is more experimental prose poetry, some long form essays, some shorter poems, and some art. It is a good mixed medium with a central theme of the author’s experiences being a black woman in America. Parts of this made me feel uncomfortable (as a White woman) as they should. Some of the racist remarks shared in the poems are so difficult to believe that people could actually say that. But then I remember the things said to me on the street by men, which also sound unbelievable, but just go to show that people really can be that terrible. These issues are real.

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