Weekly Updates: Travel Feelings + Cat Surgery + The Magicians

Weekly Updates: Travel Feelings + Cat Surgery + The Magicians



Feelings: LA + Cantalina Island

There’s a full post about this but I wanted to write about some emotions I experienced on the trip. This was the first trip I went on since flying out to Wyoming last summer when my dad passed away. I was glad that this trip involved celebrating life and a friendships. That it was a trip I was excited about, not dreading.

My dad loved to travel! So whenever I traveled, I got into the habit of doing this little thing. I would always call my dad once I got to the destination and say, “Hey dad, guess where I am?” “I don’t know, where?!” “In LA!” “Wow! Have fun!”. Every time I traveled, regardless of how far, I always called him from the place and had a little chat. I hadn’t realized how important such a trivial little thing like that was.

When we first got to the Island I had the thought that I should call my dad. Of course this triggered the whole range of emotions. First, the sadness of “oh yeah, I can’t” and the associated emptiness that comes out of that. It did feel like an ’emptiness’ that needed to be filled with this phone call that was impossible to make. I kept thinking about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t sad the entire time. And I definitely enjoyed my vacation and laughed and felt good. But that isn’t to say I didn’t also have some sadness permeating in the background. A few times it would pop up in my thoughts, that I wished I could tell dad about this.

But I tried to use all the mental tools I have to really analyze a situation. I talked it out with my friend. And I realized something. This didn’t need to be sad. I kept thinking about my dad, which is a good thing. He will always be with me – I don’t need to worry about forgetting him. Whenever I travel, he will always be with me. Sure, I can’t just call him on the phone. But those memories make me smile. It seems like such a small thing that I hadn’t quite realized had become such a tradition. But I am so happy that we had that. And, hopefully, next time I will try to let that only bring me happiness of positive memories.

I’m still in the first year of his passing and it’s so surprising to me all of these little things that come up. It comes unexpected and kind of hits me emotionally. But next time I travel, I can be ready for that feeling. The next thing I’m dreading is Father’s day, then the anniversary of his death. If I can get past them the first time, hopefully it’ll get a teeny bit better after.

Scarface's shaved belly after surgery
Scarface’s shaved belly after surgery

Cats: Feline Bladder Stone Removal Surgery

Scarface had his Cystotomy last Monday and is slowly recovering. He has been quite lethargic but overall in good spirits. He immediately hated the cone and learned quickly to just stop licking. The plastic cone is to prevent him form licking the stitched area because he can either remove the stitches or his saliva can cause the area to be infected.

This was a day surgery, I dropped him off in the morning then picked him up after work. He was quite drowsy and stumbled around the apartment half falling over. Which was sad and adorable. Also, as you see in the picture above they had to shave most of his belly. Also adorable. I had to give him liquid pain medication for the first three days after surgery. This is day 5 and he seems pretty fine now. His check-up appointment is on Monday so hopefully the vet will say all looks good.

The total cost of the surgery, including prior appointment, was $848. He will now need to eat prescription cat food for several months as well. This is about $40/case of 24. Thankfully both cats can eat it. But this does dramatically increase my cat expenses as I was previously spending $10/case. It’s not a huge expense but I do have to keep it in mind. However, much cheaper than dealing with another surgery. I hope I never have to deal with that again for both of our sake’s.

Lev Grossman author of The Magicians Trilogy
Lev Grossman author of The Magicians Trilogy

Books: Magician’s Trilogy

As part of the reading challenge, I read The Magician’s Trilogy. I will likely write a full post on this soon because I have many feelings about trilogies. Well, serial’s in general. Namely, that I don’t quite have the attention span to read them. Unfortunately, it means that I miss out on a lot of good stories because book series are a publisher’s dream.

The Magicians is one of those stories I am glad that I did not miss out on. In order to keep my attention, I thought of it as a single thousand page book, instead of three individual books. This worked out well because I didn’t really get hooked on the story until book three (or, you could say, 600 pages in). And I loved the ending.

I don’t see myself running out to read any more trilogies. But the book challenge is doing exactly what I want it to do. It is getting me out of my box when it comes to books. And it’s great reading new types of stories.

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  1. Ha, I love that cross-stitch! Glad Scarface is on the mend. I couldn’t get through 600 pages of a series to get to a good part. You are generous with your reading attention! I bet you will find that conjuring up good memories of your dad (with less sadness) is easier once you get through a whole year of landmark dates. Meanwhile everything will be bittersweet, I guess.

    1. That is why I don’t typically read trilogies. I am glad I was ‘forced’ to by the book challenge but it drives home that I am just not good with book series in general.

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