January Spending 2015

January Spending 2015


Income: Cat Sitting

This year I’d like to make some attempts to earn extra income once per quarter. I successfully did this in January by cat sitting over the holidays. I love cats and don’t consider changing litter boxes & filling up food bowls to be much of a chore. Checking in on a cat every day for a little bit each time is definitely worth the couple extra hundred dollars I make from it. Ideally, I’d like to continue doing this as it’s not time consuming and, well, I love cats.

Spending: Cat Health

Unfortunately, my little cat, Scarface, is having some urinary problems at the moment. I spent about $350 at the vet in January for some lab tests & x-rays to discover he has a bladder stone. This will cost upwards of $500-$1K to have it taken care of. Then additional costs throughout the rest of his life, since he’s only 3-years old. These were unexpected, but the future costs I will be able to budget for.

Spending: Food & Booze

At the end of last year, I killed it in not eating out or spending money on booze. Well, those glory days are over because I am definitely back on the wagon. Now, I’m not going crazy or anything, but I am definitely feeling more social. Plus, I don’t like being cooped up in my apartment as much in the winter time. So this month I reached out to friends for drinks, explored the city and enjoyed some meals myself, and just generally was out and about more often. Just being out all day means added costs for eating out. I am okay with the $160 grocery spending but would like to keep eating out & booze costs closer to $100 if possible.

Spending: Miscellaneous

Some other costs this month included renewing my Amazon Prime membership (categorized under entertainment). Also, I signed up for the Brooklyn Half (categorized under Health). I made a decision at the end of last year to sign up for less races this year because of the costs. This Half was $85, which is fine. I may sign up for another spring Half as well, that’s also in this price range. Mainly, I will not be doing $40 10K’s and no 5K’s this year, unless it’s super super cheap. I do love the motivation of races but, really, I just don’t want to put my money there this year.

Looking Ahead

For February, I am expecting more cat health costs, which will hopefully be offset by receiving my tax refund. There will likely not be any additional income (unless someone would like to buy my Kryptonite bike chain?).


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