Life Updates: Jury Duty, Foxcatcher, Grieving + Booze

Life Updates: Jury Duty, Foxcatcher, Grieving + Booze


Life: Grieving & Depression

Emotionally, this has been a rather rough week for me. Lots of crying and general sadness. Typical depression feelings. But, this time, is a little bit different because I know what is making me sad. It is not a hopeless sadness. Or a “crying for no reason” sadness as is often the case. The past few weeks, actually, I’ve been feeling down from my summer breakup. That may sound strange since it happened six months ago. Unfortunately, my brain couldn’t really start processing it until now.

There hasn’t been a chance for me to process anything other than the loss of my dad, which also happened over the summer. Dealing with the aftermath, then the holidays, took up all my emotional energy. I spent the fall being by myself. Not wallowing. But alone. Alone and quiet. I know everyone grieves differently. I still miss my dad daily, but now I have some emotional room to process the break-up. And I am doing that with the help of my friends, and booze. It is a strange feeling for me because it is so belated. But there is just so much our brain can handle at once.

I am hoping that if I can get the worst of both of these losses processed then maybe this summer won’t be so bad.

botanica bar nyc

Life: Happy Hour

Atypically, I’ve went out every night this past week (see above paragraphs) and had a lot of Lagunitas IPA. Thankfully Horse Box, Botanica, Tile Bar, and Doris all have really good Happy Hours.

Horsebox and Botanica have $3 drafts, Tile Bar has $3.50 drafts, and Doris has $5 drafts – all until 8p. I love Horsebox because they show sports but aren’t a sports bar. I also love Botanica as it’s pretty spacious and has free wifi. Tile Bar, cash only, no wifi, is the diviest of the bunch. And Doris is totally hipster, as you’d expect from a new Bed Stuy bar. But it has a giant back yard, which is probably more comfortable in the summertime than it was last week.

jury duty summons

Life: Jury Duty

I’ve always wanted to be called for jury duty. I thought it would be fun, neat, interesting. A first-look into the our country’s judicial process. And I could feel like an upstanding citizen. Whenever I heard people whining about it, I thought they were exaggerating.

It turns out those weren’t exaggerations. Being summoned is just one day that you have to spend, essentially, doing nothing. Okay, not so bad. But then being selected as a juror is a lot of days you have to spend, practically, doing nothing. No exaggeration.

Courtrooms are not very engaging. There are lots of pauses, interruptions, and breaks which make it pretty difficult to follow a line of questioning. You hear things you have to then ‘unhear’ because it gets stricken from the record. You are in the courtroom intermittently, lots of in and out. We were told the trial would take 3-4 days. It turns out, they did not mean 3-4 days in a row. More like, 3-4 (really more like 5-6) random days over the course of weeks good luck!


Movie: Foxcatcher

I loved this film. I don’t typically watch independent films (sorry) or Oscar nominated films (sorry) but this one really held my interest. I love the Olympics. And I love real-life stories. This was both. I typically don’t like Steve Carell but he was fabulous in this role. I do enjoy Mark Ruffalo and he was also fabulous. I don’t know who Channing Tatum is but I liked his character.

This movie is totally creepy and it really pulls everything off. Carrell played his usual super awkward character and it works. He’s not funny. This isn’t a comedy. This awkardness is creepy. Because the super-ultra-mega rich are creepy.

The story is about a Du Pont heir who takes an interest in the Olympic Wrestling team. He enjoys the sport of wrestling and offers to let the team live on the Du Pont estate and train in their state of the art facility in preparation for the Olympics. The story focuses on the relationship between John Du Pont and one of the main characters, Mark. Him and his brother are both Olympic wrestlers.

John Du Pont is always creepy and awkward. Then he becomes really unstable and murders someone. Remember, this is a true story. It’s pretty insane and the story shows the intensity very well. If you like real-life stories, you have to watch this one.

Best of Internet

Shakesville has some terrifying videos of cops abusing their power. So many trigger warnings here.


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  1. I haven’t done jury duty and I have the same preconceptions as you. I am sure I would have my illusions shattered quickly.

    I hope you are feeling more at peace with everything by the time we all thaw out!

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