The Book of Mormon Lottery & Standing Room Tickets

The Book of Mormon Lottery & Standing Room Tickets


The Book of Mormon Lottery

There are several Broadway shows in nyc that offer a lottery of both cheaper seat tickets and first-come-first-served cheaper standing room only tickets. Since The Book of Mormon is always sold out and tickets start around $200, they offer both types of cheap tickets day-of before each show.

I haven’t actually been super excited about seeing this musical but have only heard good things about it. So, on a Saturday where I didn’t have any other plans, I decided to try my hand at the lottery and stand in line for standing room tickets. I was mainly killing time in my day but luckily snagged standing room only tickets! The show was great, especially for under $50!

There seems to be some confusion of how the lottery and standing room only tickets work, so here’s a breakdown from what I saw.

Waiting to hear my name called as a winner at Book of Mormon Lottery
@lotterydude announcing winners for the Book of Mormon Lottery in front of the Eugene O’Neill Theater

Book of Mormon Lottery Tickets

The ticket lottery is a different process than standing room only so I’m going to talk about them separately.

There is not a line for the lottery!

To enter the lottery, just show up any time in the 30 minute window that’s 2.5 hours before the show. You will see a bunch of people in front of the theater. Then a theater employee standing next to a table that has a clear box in it. You will see paper entries in the box. Ask the employee for a entry. Then write your name, state, country, # of tickets, and email address on the entry. And put it in the box. That’s it!

I attempted the lottery for the 2p Saturday show, assuming there would be less demand than the later 8p show. Also, I went in January on a rainy/snowy/cold day. I did implement a bit of strategy there.

For the 2p show, you can enter the lottery any time between 11:30a-noon. Any time in that window. You don’t have to stand in line at all for the lottery. Just show up at 11:50a and fill out your ticket. They start calling winners right at noon. So, really, this process can take you no more than 15 minutes if you time it right. This is definitely not an all day ordeal.

Getting earlier to the lottery does not better your chances. It is a random drawing.

Book of Mormon Lottery Slip
Bring a pen! You have 30-min window to enter the ticket lottery for front row seats for $40.

The lottery announcer guy is very cheerful and good at what he does. He made hearing the winners a pretty fun experience like… “From New York! (everyone cheers)” and “From New Jersey… (everyone boos)”. It is very efficient as clearly they do this every day.

If you live here and can easily get to the theater district, I definitely recommend just trying for the lottery as often as you can. It doesn’t take that long at all.

What do you actually win in the lottery? There were about 18 tickets available for seats in the first two rows center. And a few more tickets available for box seats on the sides with a partial obstructed view. Both of these must be purchased at the time you win the lottery and cost $38/ticket.

You have to have a photo ID (to prevent people putting in fake names) and can pay with cash or credit card. Each person can purchase up to 2 tickets.

Book of Mormon Stage at the Eugene O'Neill Theater in nyc standing room only tickets
Book of Mormon Stage at the Eugene O’Neill Theater in nyc

Book of Mormon Standing Room Only Tickets

Purchasing standing room only tickets for The Book of Mormon is a very different process. Although you can do both at the same time (it’s just a little confusing).

You must wait in line at the ticket window for standing room only ‘seats’. These are first come first served. These tickets are not a part of the lottery. There is no lottery for standing room. You just have to get there early.

The time frame is the same as the lottery, which is why it’s sort of confusing. For the 2p show, you can start lining up at 11:30a in front of the ticket window. I’m not sure if you can line up before then. Now, this is an actual line. Your spot in the line does matter.

Book of Mormon offers 20-30 standing room only tickets and sells them until they run out. If you’re in the back of a long line, chances are you won’t make it.

If you want to try for standing room only tickets, get there as soon as you can (11:30a for the 2p show. 5:30p for the 8p show. 4:30p for the 7p show).

Do not leave the line! If you want to also enter the lottery, a theater employee will bring lottery slips to you as you stand in line.

I went by myself, so this was a little tricky, but the people near me were nice enough to hold my place in line. Since I did need to leave the line to put in my lottery ticket and to go up to the drawing to see if my name was called (it wasn’t). The ticket line and lottery drawing are both in front of the theater but it is hard to hear the drawing from most of the standing room only line. It would have been helpful to be with someone else who could hold the spot. But it all worked out anyway.

After the lottery drawing, they opened the window for standing room only tickets soon after. Maybe within 15 minutes. It didn’t take long. The standing room only tickets are assigned ‘seats’, standing spots at a railing, directly behind the last row in the orchestra section. You can purchase up to 2 tickets for $27 each.

Since these are assigned ‘seats’, as soon as you make your purchase, you can go get something to eat or sit somewhere (give your feet a break!) until just before the show starts. I walked into the theater about 5 minutes before just so I’d have a chance to use the bathroom. Since you’re standing at the back of the theater, it is very nice to have easy access to the bathrooms/bar/exit before the rush.

Spooky Mormon Hell Dream! at book of mormon on broadway
Spooky Mormon Hell Dream!

You can lean on a railing the whole time, which actually wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The view is great! Directly in front of you are the last row of orchestra seats. Seats people paid at least $200/ticket for. You’re right behind them! The theater is small so there is no problem seeing all of the stage from the standing ‘seats’.

And it ended up being a good thing I went alone because I got a pretty good single spot on the end of the center orchestra section. I noticed some groups of 2 who were actually in front of me in the ticket line, had spots off to the side.

The only minor downside to the standing spots was that there were some small distractions from the back of the theater. Lights going on and off, employees talking and walking around. That type of thing. But, again, we paid $30 for a show that typically cost over $200! Really can’t complain!

Hello! Book of Mormon

The Show Itself

This sounds silly, but I didn’t know anything about the show going into it. I wasn’t super excited to see it or anything. (Sorry!) But I heard good things and figured ‘why not?’ So, with few expectations going into it, almost expecting that it wouldn’t live up to it’s hype…. it turns out I loved it!

The amount of satire, irony, and offensiveness is a perfect balance. And there is a sort of moral in the end. Kind of. It totally works! I loved all the songs and it never took itself too seriously. I’m not sure it lived up to the actual hype ($200/ticket is a lot!) but I certainly got my $30 worth. And I absolutely recommend going!

If you can afford the tickets, just go now! If you can’t but are a local, do what you can to attempt the lottery or standing ticket line. It really is worth it!

The show is about 2.5 hours long with a 15 min intermission. I’ve stood for longer many many times, so the standing ticket really wasn’t so bad!


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    1. Many of the big Broadway shows do lotteries especially if they consistently sell out! If you’re interested in seeing one next time you’re in NY, it’s definitely worth seeing if they have a lottery available.

  1. I’ve wanted to see this show forever. I didn’t realize they had a lottery! I also didn’t know their rush tickets are standing room only… I think I’m sort of a wimp and would not be a fan of that. I’m glad it lives up to the hype.

    1. I attend a lot of concerts so standing for hours a time (usually without a railing to lean on!) is something I’m used to. Two hours is really nothing, plus you’re leaning most the time. If it were any longer though… It looks like Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots both do lotteries for seat tickets, so that is next on my list.

  2. Hi Leslie! I was just wondering how early you went to successfully get the STO tickets–it looks like 2.5 hours, but I wanted to double-check. Thanks! :)

    1. The show started at 2p, I got there about 11:40a. There were maybe 10-20 people ahead of me in line and several behind me that came later. It was bitterly cold and rainy so I think on nice days there is a considerably longer line. Good luck!

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