Life Updates: College Football + Jury Duty

Life Updates: College Football + Jury Duty


Ohio State University NCAAF B1G

College Football National Championship

The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the University of Oregon Ducks in the first ever College Football National Championship game. Go Buckeyes! Go B1G!

I wish OSU would stop calling themselves THE Ohio State University but oh well. They are part of the Big Ten (B1G) conference as is MSU. As a graduate of MSU, I love them and bleed green! So, a national champion in the conference is a win for all of us.

The game was great even though everything was decided by the middle of the third quarter. OSU was strong! I really missed out not watching many of their games this past season. The control they had over the Ducks was incredible. This was the first time we’ve seen Mariota melt since their loss to Arizona. And, OSU gave up the ball four times to Oregon yet still won by three touchdowns. I’m excited to see how them play next season. Oregon is losing Mariota so it’ll be interesting to see a new team dynamic there too.

And that marks the end of the college football 2014-2015 season. There’s still a few months before March Madness starts. I’ve been watching a few NCAAM games so far. MSU is in a transition year after losing great players last year. This means, I may actually be able to enjoy the tournament this year! I love watching sports and all but geez it is so stressful.

Juror summons kings county

Jury Duty

Last week I was summoned to jurty duty for the first time. After a whole lot of waiting around, my name was called for selection. Then after more waiting around and answering some questions, I was selected as a juror! The case starts in two weeks. Obviously I can’t talk about it but I’m quite interested to see the process.

In the selection room we were asked questions mainly about the type of case it was, but there was one opinion question: “Where do you get your news?” Interesting question that actually can tell you a whole lot about a person.

After the trial I’ll write up a whole post about it because it seems the process varies a lot depending on the type of case, court, etc. Fortunately, I do get paid by my employer for every day I am on Jury Duty as though it were a regular work day. And although missing a week of work will definitely set me back, I am looking forward to doing my judicial duties.

Books:The Girl From The Well by Rin Chupeco

Recently I read The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco for a book club. This is not a book I would read on my own, mainly because it’s YA. And it’s definitely written as YA. I read the book over the course of two evenings. Oddly enough, the plot in this story was very similar to the plot in O’Malley’s Seconds which I had just finished reading.

The Girl From The Well is a YA horror story about a teenage boy being posessed by evil spirits much to Japanese folklore. The main characters are the boy, his father, and his female cousin who’s 18 year-old. The best thing the story had going for it is there was no romance. Although, at times there were some awkward scenes between the boy and his cousin where I was starting to wonder just what kind of book this was. But, no romance. That definitely saved the book from getting into cliche territory.

The story kept my attention but the writing definitely needs improvement. There were many contradictory statements where the Author used words that I don’t think she knew the actual meanings of. Because words mean things! For example, the boy is depicted as an angsty teenager who changes schools often, hates everyone, and tries to be invisible because he hates attention. At one point the author says, the boy is uncharacteristically trying to avoid the spotlight of concern. I was confused how that was uncharacteristic of him. There were a lot of those types of poor word choices that disrupted the flow of the book for me.

Obviously this is a book for the YA reader, I am not it’s intended audience. Even with that said, I still give it a 3 since it kept my attention and wasn’t a cliche love triangle YA story.

Best Of Internet: Jenny Trout

The post Let It Go by author Jenny Trout was written back in April but needs to be read by everyone. The more voices speaking out about mental illness, the better. I sometimes fear that I am “going crazy” or will “sound crazy” when talking about my experiences with depression. It’s refreshing that Jenny addresses this directly then takes control of that notion by, essentially, making it sound so silly that it takes the fear out of it:

I was scared to write this post. It makes me sound like a legit crazy person. Because I am. I am super duper full time wacky pants. And I always will be; there’s no cure for mental illness. But the good news is, it’s getting better.

I have read that over and over and over. The phrase “super duper full time wacky pants” makes me laugh and is helpful for me to realize that some of these fears related with depression are driven by depression. Jenny wrote this whole post in a way that most of us struggle to put into words. This is a must-read for anyone deal with mental illnesses (which, honestly, is a whole lot of us).

Let It Go – Jenny Trout


4 Replies to “Life Updates: College Football + Jury Duty”

  1. Oh, jury duty should be rather interesting. I am curious about the “where do you get your news?” question, and thinking through what my answer would reveal about me. Lately, I’ve spent more time reading blogs than directly reading the newspaper. On first blush, my answers would belie that I am discerning about the source, despite the fact that I am. For example, I legitimately get news from twitter.
    That’s fantastic that you continue to be paid from your day job while on jury duty.

    1. Several people, myself included, said they get all their news from Facebook/Twitter. I mean, it makes sense since you’re actually curating multiple sources into a specific-for-you news feed. Although it’s interesting you say blogs. I always feel insulted when a blog says “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this news story.” Because those blogs are the source of my news, so no I haven’t already heard about it.

  2. The only time I was called up for jury duty – a 2nd degree murder trial where the accused had already spent 4 years behind bars – I got out of it because I was a massage therapist and would have been financially damaged by the 2-3 week absence. But now that my work has changed to something where the busy hours are 9pm-1am, I would LOVE to get called up. Heck, I’m in Florida – weird stuff happens here a lot. Like…my new hometown had a mall shooter this morning. Wait, that’s no longer weird :(

    1. oh yeah, Florida gets all the really crazy stories. Maybe you’ll get picked soon! I don’t know if I’d want to be a juror on an emotional criminal trial (murder, domestic dispute, etc). Hopefully a civil case will be more cut and dry.

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