Life Updates: Carnegie Hall, Chocolate Tour, and Nook

Life Updates: Carnegie Hall, Chocolate Tour, and Nook


Patton Oswalt at Carnegie Hall 1/9/2015
The Carnegie Hall

Patton Oswalt at Carnegie Hall

I accepted an invite to see Patton Oswalt perform stand-up at Carnegie Hall mainly because I just wanted to go to Carnegie Hall. It was absolutely worth it. The building is beautiful! And it is huge! It was awesome being a part of so much history. Just thinking about all the people that had performed there. The tickets were affordable at $50, so I am definitely glad I went.

Patton Oswalt was good too. I don’t know his material very well so I was hearing most of it for the first time. I definitely was cracking up at some parts, silent at other parts, but overall it was good. He was pretty adorable as it seemed he was fully self-aware that he was performing at The Carnegie Hall. Always good to see someone trying to live in the moment and appreciate an opportunity.

Cat afraid to go to vet
Scaredy cat Scarface not excited about his vet appointment

Scarface & The Vet

This time last year, Scarface cat had to go in for an expensive teeth cleaning. Last week, we went back to the vet to check on his teeth. Unfortunately they’re not much better.

I am regularly brushing his teeth, which isn’t fun for either of us. But the vet says he has Stomatitis, which won’t just go away on it’s own. Right now, Scarface is still eating, albeit slowly, so I’m not going to take action yet. He’s 3 years old and is 7lbs, which is right at the edge of a healthy weight. So I have to keep an eye on that.

The worst case scenario here is to remove all of his teeth, since the real problem is his gums are having a reaction to the teeth enamel. Apparently, without teeth, his gums will no longer be sore and he will be a happier cat. Yes, cats can still eat without teeth. He had a few teeth removed last year and it hasn’t seemed to bother him much.

Raaka Chocolate where the building has no heat.
Various cocoa beans at Raaka Chocolate Factory in Red Hook. Don’t be jealous, the building was freezing.

Raaka Chocolate in Red Hook, Brooklyn

My friends and I signed up for a tour to visit a small chocolate manufacturer, Raaka, who has a small factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This is their second year at the factory in Red Hook. Their signature taste is produced because they do not roast the beans. And of course it is all organic small-scale ethically-sourced so-brooklyn etc.

Unfortunately the tour was not enjoyable because the entire building did not have heat.

It is January. Single digits outside. And this building doesn’t have heat. The employees said that their contractor never put it in and they are tied up with legal issues in trying to get it now. Obviously this was something they knew about but failed to tell us when we bought tickets for January. I absolutely cannot recommend purchasing tickets for a tour to Raaka in the winter months. It was freezing inside the building so we were very uncomfortable. Who cares about chocolate when your teeth are chattering?

eReading with the Nook SimpleTouch

I received a hand-me-down Nook SimpleTouch from a friend. I’ve been wanting to try out eBooks mainly for easier reading on a crowded subway. I’ve read one eBook so far, a Young Adult short novel that didn’t come in any other format from the library. It seems I read very quickly looking at the digital screen. And I did find it useful that holding the small device was easier than a full book.

Unfortunately, I am not sold on eReaders and definitely cannot recommend the Nook SimpleTouch. The device cannot be recognized by my Windows 8 laptop. It doesn’t connect at all! The only way I even transferred a book to the Nook was by using my work laptop (Win 7). On that computer, it connected perfectly and I was able to just drag and drop. Piece of cake. But the Nook shows up as a corrupted drive on my home laptop. This is frustrating because it means I can only transfer books at work. And if it weren’t for the work pc, I couldn’t use the Nook at all.

Not having to worry about device conflicts is a huge advantage of real books. So, for now, I’m sticking with that.

G train stops at opto S sign
ProTip: This yellow sign designates where the G train will stop at each platform

Books: The Sixth Extinction & Fourth of July Creek

eReader or not, I certainly do most of my reading on the train or while waiting for the train.

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History is non-fiction from Elizabeth Kolbert. It didn’t hold my interest as much as I had hoped. But some of the discussion about extinction and ecological changes was interesting. The writing is easy to read and understand. I just wasn’t all that interested in the content.

Fourth of July Creek slowly grew on me. This piece of literary fiction by Smith Henderson takes place in Montana and all the dialogue sounds like it. The main character is not one to root for. You soon learn the irony of this social worker who helps other families while his is in the shitter (as he would say). Beautiful prose and interesting, though dark story with lots of characters. I recommend but it took me a bit to get into it, so it’s not for everyone.


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  1. Andy and I both read The Hunger Games just before Christmas, so I recognise the young adult book on your Nook :) We have a kindle, which mainly Andy uses, but we both like well enough. If I read on it for a little while, I find that when I switch back to paper books, I sometimes tap the page and then realise I have to actually *turn* it!

    1. Hah! Holding the eReader definitely was more convenient than a book, especially since I usually get clunky hardcovers from the library. Most of my reading is done on the couch with a cat on me so I’m often bopping them with the book as I try to turn pages.

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