Sending Christmas Cards Instead of Giving GIfts

Sending Christmas Cards Instead of Giving GIfts


Cards are better than gifts
A delightful card I received from Rayner that is better than any gift

This was the first year I sent out Christmas cards. I always thought they were something families did and I am not cat-lady enough to send out a photo card with my cats… yet. I thought sending out a plain card from just me would be silly. But, I was missing the point entirely.

Sending a card is such a simple way to show someone you’re thinking about them.

I bought cute blank Christmas cards online and enjoyed writing little messages inside. I did not write a “Christmas Letter” as it either would have been extremely depressing or all about my cats. Instead I just wrote a simple little message to the people I care about. It really didn’t take long. And while I wrote the message and addressed the envelope, I thought about that person. I took a minute to just think about this person in my life. Whether they’re friend or family. And it was really nice to take that step back.

Send Cards Instead of Giving Gifts

The process of giving gifts can be a very stressful way to say “I’m thinking about you.” Or “here’s something neat I think you’d like.”

In the past, I’ve participated in various online Secret Santa exchanges and have sent many online strangers holiday gifts. These exchanges are usually fun since you essentially have to stalk your match to learn about them. And seeing their reaction when they post it online is a fun moment.

This year, I did not participate in any gift exchanges, only card exchanges. I decided back in the fall that I want my friends & family to always know how much I appreciate them and care about them. Past years, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on Internet strangers instead of on my own friends.

It’s not that I think I need to spend money on junk to show my friends I care about them. But I want to make sure that I am spending my energy on people I care about and in a positive way. So instead of doing gifts, I decided to send Christmas Cards. Although at the last minute I did participate in two Holiday Card gift exchanges. One for Reddit and one for GOMI. This was far less of a commitment than giving a gift yet still had the fun aspect of receiving a little something from an Internet stranger.

Holiday Card Gift Exchanges

A little poem from my Reddit holiday card secret santa
A little poem from my Reddit holiday card secret santa

Above is the card I received from my Reddit Secret Santa. It is a customized poem about me! It’s very creative and it really made me smile. Excellent stalking skills, secret santa!

Here is the poem:

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through her world,
Reddit holiday cards were sent to all the nice girls.
To NYC they flew, to Brooklyn with one,
And safely they arrived though no doorman was there.
No runners in sight, the snow piled up to their heads
Had to go to the gym (#firstworldproblems) instead.
But later that night in the city they cheered,
All snug in the pubs with cookies and craft beer!
But when midnight came, like something from a book,
All the popular kids abandoned their nooks,
And the last one exclaimed as she biked out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

What a wonderful poem! See, who needs a gift when you get cards like that?

Beach Christmas nightlight from a secret santa
Beach Christmas nightlight from a secret santa

The other exchange I participated in this year was based around sending a card and an ornament. Again, I really liked this better than a generic gift. My secret santa did her research and sent me an adorable palm tree Christmas tree night light. A perfect combination of my love for the beach and Christmas trees. She also sent my spoiled cat brats some catnip toys, with bells. So that has been really fun for them and just delightful for me.

I encourage sending cards, or even just short notes in emails, all year round to keep friendships strong. Gift giving and expressions of appreciation don’t need to only come in December.


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