November Monthly Expenses in NYC 2014

November Monthly Expenses in NYC 2014


November Monthly Spending for a 1BR in Brooklyn
November Monthly Spending for a 1BR in Brooklyn

My current rent is a little over $1,400 for 1br apartment in not the hip part of Brooklyn. Since it is a rent stabilized apartment, my rent will increase in February when I renew my lease. Although I still haven’t decided if I want to renew for 1 or 2 years. As the lease term affects the percent of increase.

I did keep a list of what I considered entertainment throughout the month. These expenses included tickets to see Patton Oswalt next month, Magic cards and accessories, and a new printer plus accessories. Eating out and alcohol expenses are broken out separately.

There are zero health-related expenses this month which is a significant decrease from the several past months. I am sticking to not signing up for any more races this year. For next year, I have three I’m looking at but am putting a budget on this. Something like no more than $300 in race fees for all of 2015. The motivation is great, but as long as I have a routine, I don’t need to pay $40 to run a 10K. Also, many half marathons are getting mighty expensive and I prefer to run them than the shorter distances.

Combined Food + Groceries:

  • Jan: $336
  • Feb: $339
  • Mar: $393
  • Apr: $298
  • May: $366
  • Jun: $362
  • Jul: $353
  • Aug: n/a
  • Sep: $260
  • Oct: $255
  • Nov: $248

This month was consistent with the rest of the fall as both these expenses are declining. Although $250 for combined eating out and booze spending is probably my limit. This is certainly better than spending almost $400 on this in the beginning of the year! I am trying to keep up the momentum of cooking at home by making sure I grocery shop once a week and trying out new recipes. This month was slightly different as I spent more eating out but less on groceries than last month.


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  1. I think when it comes to expenses those extra curricular activities are the first to go. :( Hopefully you’re motivated enough on your own! And I’m not sure what I’d do if my rent went up more here either. It’s right on the fence already.

    1. Mine is getting close to 50% and that would be to much for me (mentally more than anything). Right now I’m also tip-toeing that line and with small raises at work it has been kept at bay. But I don’t even know what I’d do if that would happen. I’m with you that going back to having roommates would be a nightmare at this point.

    1. Most of the money was spent buying cards for a new EDH deck, using Phelddagrif as the general (a flying hippo!). Then after playing a few times, I decided I wanted to change the style of the deck and bought some additional cards. However, I just sold two cards I got at the Khan’s pre-release so that will help offset the purchases. The accessories were just things like deckboxes and sleeves and trying to get organized!

        1. I really should do a post on my two EDH decks even though only you and I are interested in that topic. Because I originally made the deck as Group Hug but it had no win condition. So while I liked sitting in my fortress of flying hippos and walls, I really couldn’t do anything to other people. So some of the cards I bought last month were to turn it into a mill deck. I’m not running Forced Fruition but am running Helm of Obedience + Rest in Piece. I’ve only played it twice with the new cards but it definitely is more fun.

  2. Hello,
    I discovered your blog recently and love reading it.

    The rents in NYC are crazy and do not include a dishwasher and washer in it.
    How long do you plan to live like this? Do you have an plans to move away from the city….

    1. I will likely move away from the city at some point, as I’m not sure I want to raise kids here. But I never expected myself to ever live here as it is, so who knows what will happen in the future. For now, I really enjoy my job and it is a position that doesn’t really exist outside of a major city.

  3. I am thinking of moving to a state where there is no income tax- Texas or Florida, the weather nicer and the cost of living lower.
    I have been planning this for years just need to decide a date.

    I will definitely check out your book recommendations.

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