October Monthly Expenses in NYC 2014

October Monthly Expenses in NYC 2014


living expenses in nyc october 2014

October 2014 Expenses and Average Monthly Spending in NYC
October 2014 Average Monthly Expenses in NYC

Rent in my building went up this month after the landlord did some infrastructure improvements. Since I live in a rent stabilized building, he had to special request this increase from the city. Then all of us residents had to sign and approve it. Unfortunately, this means my rent will increase again when I sign my lease in February. I am now paying a little over $1,400 to live in a 1BR in nowhere Brooklyn.

On the plus-side, this was a bonus-paycheck month, since I get paid bi-weekly. That paycheck went fully into my emergency savings. It is exactly what I needed to get building that back up again.

I got a little carried away with entertainment this month. I bought a FitBit One at the end of the month. And some MTG cards to put together a new EDH deck I’ve been thinking about for a while. These purchases were both close to $80. I also went to three Alkaline Trio shows in one week. I bought the tickets at almost face value off of craigslist. The tickets themselves totaled a little over $100. All of my booze costs this month, a whole $30, were just because of those shows.

Health costs this month are solely from running races in the nyc area. I’m doing more 10K’s than 5K’s now but these still cost between $30-$40. I have been using it as motivation for myself. And socialization with friends. But the costs are adding up. I am hopefully at a point where I don’t need races to motivate me to run. I have made the decision to not sign up for any other races this year. Most of the NYC races are in parks. As shutting down roads is too costly. They don’t shut down the park either. So paying $40 to literally run in a park that others are literally running in for free next to you is something I just can’t justify anymore.

Over the summer, I reduced my therapy appointments to every other week. Financially, this was a great decision. Spending only $200 on that a month helps a lot. Health-wise, I seem to be doing well with the new schedule, too. This makes me feel pretty good about things.

I’m trying not to worry too much about saving money with the cats. I have started giving them mainly wet food. It’s not a raw food diet or anything. But cat food cans are certainly more expensive than a giant bag of dry food. But the little one has sensitive teeth and is prone to UTI’s. So I want to keep them as healthy as I can.

Booze + Eating Out
I’ll talk more about my food costs below. I wanted to highlight just how little I spent in booze and eating out this month. I spent $28 in booze. And spent $26 eating out. The eating out costs are exclusively my $5 bagel breakfast sandwich I buy every Friday. That’s it.

How Much Money Do I Save by Eating at Home?

I don’t normally break down expenses like this. But I’m continuously intrigued by my food spending this year. Before July, I had some extra money and was dating someone. This meant, eating out or getting delivery for dinner, a lot. More importantly, that meant not having leftovers for lunch. So I would frequently eat out for lunch and dinner. At the very least, I was consistent each month.

After August, I used my savings for an emergency so finances were extra tight. I also was out of that relationship. When I’m only feeding myself, I can be much less picky. I never order delivery for just myself. I never eat out by myself. This means, I was doing a lot more cooking at home. And cooking at home means leftovers. Leftovers means I don’t have to buy lunch out every day. That is the real cost savings.

Combined Food + Groceries:

  • Jan: $336
  • Feb: $339
  • Mar: $393
  • Apr: $298
  • May: $366
  • Jun: $362
  • Jul: $353
  • Aug: n/a
  • Sep: $260
  • Oct: $255

I traveled for most of August so I’m excluding those costs as it is an outlier anyway.

September and October grocery costs are also including a dinner party I hosted for several people. I’m able to do afford hosting things like this now that I’m spending so much less money on eating out.

Cooking meals at home that give me leftovers to eat for lunch the next day is saving me about $100/month.


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  1. Wow it’s cool to see that number going down. That’s my goal this month, and doing that of course by trying to avoid buying specialty food items like pb2, kombucha, hummus, and other items like that. Sorry your rent went up. I vowed that if that ever happened here I would definitely moveā€¦easier said than done. Thankfully so far mine has never gone up, and it’s not rent controlled either!

    1. Rent stabilization has it’s good and bads. The good is my rent only goes up so much but the bad is it’s pretty much guaranteed to go up every year. Even if it’s just a $30 increase, that still adds up!

    1. It was fun but extremely exhausting! I don’t think I can do three shows back-to-back like that again!

  2. I know you live in no where Brooklyn ( which I love btw) but you still pay a good price to have your own place. If I move to NYC one day, I’d aspire to have your apartment! Also, great job on the groceries. It’s so much easier to eat leftovers. Even I can admit that. :)

    1. It’s also nice knowing exactly what I’ll be eating for lunch. One of the biggest annoyances of buying lunch is that “I don’t know what I want to eat” feeling.

  3. Wow, I’m really glad I went with Inwood instead of Brooklyn, but I’m glad your so happy in your neighborhood.

    How do you like the FitBit? I’d been thinking about getting one for some time, but there are so many people with them in my office, there’s sort of a friendly step rivalry. I think the peer pressure is starting to get to me a little, but since I’ve wanted one for so long anyway….

    1. What is the average price of a 1br in Inwood? I was only looking in BK on my search but nothing was less than $1,300, a few years ago.

      I like the FitBit so far (it’s been a week). One of the reasons I bought it was for the friendly rivalry aspect! I specifically bought a FitBit rather than another brand because many of my friends have one. Also, I’m really glad I bought the One instead of a wrist wearable. I went to a wedding this weekend and wouldn’t have worn one on my wrist but was glad that I could clip the One on my bra and still have my steps all counted.

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