NaNoWriMo Excerpt: Introduction

NaNoWriMo Excerpt: Introduction


For the past four years I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo; National Novel Writing Month. I don’t know if I will ever do anything with the stories. But the process of writing. And coming up with new ideas, is fun for me. Fun, I use that loosely. But I enjoy the challenge.

I also enjoy the act of writing this fiction a bit more than blogging. The immediate nature of blogging can feel overwhelming. But with this fiction, it has time to grow before I share it with people.

But this year I have decided to help keep myself accountable. And to prevent myself from churning out empty words. By sharing excerpts of my story on here.

I wrote 2,613 words yesterday. 50,000 is the goal. Below is some of what I’ve written.

Remember, December is for editing.

She drove into Atlanta nervous as usual. There was always traffic and people walking around. She actually did not consider herself a small-town girl. But she did enjoy the comfort of being home. Being able to hear crickets every night. Looking out her window to see for miles. Atlanta was certainly different. She knew it was a small city. But it was still a city and it made her nervous. She wasn’t necessarily worried about her safety. But there were so many people. She was worried about getting lost. Or getting a parking ticket.

Part of her liked that she didn’t have many friends in Atlanta. This made her feel almost invisible. In a good way. In a fearless way. Who would notice if she wasn’t wearing the latest trends? Because she certainly would not be. And who would notice if she tripped and made a fool of herself. Because she certainly would. No one there knew who she was. She liked that. And was frightened by it at the same time.

The last time she was in Atlanta was six months ago. January 21st, 2013. She came in for a concert. Events were the only reason for her to come down here. Music. Books. Plays, sometimes. She never really felt she was missing too much. The drive was easy enough. Although she rarely wanted to make it on a weeknight. Today was an exception of course.

Hannah wandered around the bookstore pretending to peruse. Well, she was perusing. But she was also staring blankly at the shelves lost in her own thoughts. The event didn’t start for an hour and was barely set-up. She walked around looking at all the titles. The authors. The book covers. When the store finally started putting out chairs, she had an intense conversation with herself over whether to sit down or not.

I don’t want to sit over there all by myself. No one else is sitting down. I’ll wait until another person sits down. Okay, someone just sat down. But I don’t want them to talk to me. And if we are the only two people there, they will probably talk to me. I kind of have to pee. Why don’t I put back this book that I’ve been holding and not looking at. Go to the bathroom. Then when I come back, the seats are more likely to be filled up and I will sit down then.

Whew. That was a lot of thinking for such an unimportant decision. As was the usual case.

Hannah walked upstairs to the children’s section, where the bathrooms were. There was only one and it was occupied. Good, this will help kill some time. But I hope not too much time. I don’t want all the seats to be filled when I get back. She tried to look over the railing but wasn’t able to see the event space from her location.

Should I go back down? I can probably hold it. Can I hold it? What time is it? As she glanced down at her phone, the door opened. A girl her age with a pixie haircut, t-shirt and jeans, and red converse, came walking out. Hannah went in and did her business. She had noticed the girl’s t-shirt right away. It was for Bishop’s Collar. The band she had come down to see in January. She hadn’t bought a shirt. But the show was good.

I’m trying to write the main character as neurotic, anxious, and annoying. She will, hopefully, become less annoying as time goes on and she grows up.


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