32 Years of Music (For my 32nd Birthday)

32 Years of Music (For my 32nd Birthday)


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Happy Birthday to Me

As today is my 32nd birthday, I wanted to celebrate here by sharing some of my favorite music over the years.

This summer has followed the plot of High Fidelity too close for comfort. So in the spirit, I put together a Spotify playlist in chronological order.

Chronological Life Playlist

Little Leslie

  1. Sesame Street. As a child I loooved listening to kids songs in the car. This was one I would sing over and over and over. And I’m sure my parents loved it just as much as I did.

  2. The Judds. Both my parents reguarly listened to classic country music. I grew up listening to a lot of The Judds, Randy Travis, Oakridge Boys, etc.

  3. New Kids on the Block. Okay, NKOTB were my first music obsession. I had an entire branded bed set, plus curtains, and towels. I wore out a cassette tape. Even though I loved all their songs, this one was my favorite.

  4. Salt-N-Pepa. Although I was still a bit too young to understand the content, I spent a few solid months only listening to female rap groups.

  5. Alan Jackson. My love for country music has never waned. It continues to sneak back into my life even today.

  6. Highschool Life

  7. Nirvana. Okay, Nirvana was my second music obsession. This one lasted through the majority of highschool. I’d scavenge record stores looking for the latest singles. I had a pretty robust collection. Not sure where they are now…

  8. Deftones. I spent the year of 1997 listening to Korn/Limp Bizkit/Deftones. And by 1998 I was over it. Surprisingly, the Deftones stuff still holds up.

  9. Smashing Pumpkins. Oh Billy Corgan.

  10. Rage Against the Machine. I blame Zach De La Rocha for all the terrible rap/metal bands that succeeded them.

  11. Garbage. Shirley Manson was my first girl crush.

  12. Everclear. Loved their first album where Art just sang about being sad all the time.

  13. Foo Fighters. I love Dave Grohl.

  14. Hole. Obligatory listen to while going through my Nirvana phase.

  15. Bush. Of course.

  16. No Doubt. Of course.

  17. Weezer. Dated someone who was obsessed with them so I’ve listened to a lot of Weezer stuff by association.

  18. Blink 182. This was the catalyst for a brief ska/punk phase I went through my senior year.

  19. Reel Big Fish. Although I can’t listen to ska much now, I still love RBF. And back in highschool, this song definitely reflected my feelings.

  20. The Suicide Machines. Yep, still in my angsty punk highschool phase.

  21. Less Than Jake. Another current nostalgia favorite. LTJ was the soundtrack of my senior year. I’m sure they’ve released new albums since 2000 but I wouldn’t know.

  22. Dance Hall Crashers. A hopeful song that teenage me wished she had experienced.

  23. College Life

  24. PJ Harvey. The year I worked at the college radio station for free music.

  25. Pixies. And this was the catalyst for my introduction to indie/emo/hardcore/champagne-urbana etc. bands.

  26. Braid. Bob Nanna, another music crush. My love for this band spanned the entirity of my first serious relationship (4 years!)

  27. Jimmy Eat World. I definitely spent most of the summer of 2001 listening to Static Prevails.

  28. The Promise Ring. Oh first relationship.

  29. Taking Back Sunday. Oh end of first relationship.

  30. Post-College Life

  31. Alkaline Trio. Immediately following college and the end of that serious relationship, I went back in time to listen to pop-punk that I missed.

  32. Say Anything. And that is how I discovered this band. Which turned into another obsession. I spent a solid 6+ months listening to nothing but Say Anything. No regrets.

  33. Hum. Where I’m at now is a general eclectic mix of music. I’ll always have a soft spot for Hum.

  34. Buddy Holly. Another nod to my parents who listened to plenty of ‘oldies’.

  35. Built To Spill. Also a band that I spent 6+ months listening to solely.


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  1. Haha oooooh Weezer and Jimmy Eat World… so many memories of teenage-hood.

    Happy Birthday! Always love posts learning more about the personal side of other bloggers :)

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