Exploring the Bronx: Little Italy on Arthur Avenue

Exploring the Bronx: Little Italy on Arthur Avenue


Arthur Avenue Sign in the Bronx

After hearing so much about the “real” Little Italy in The Bronx, I finally got myself up to the neighborhood of Belmont. It’s two stops from the end of the D train. But that really isn’t as far as it seems. It took me about 1.5 hours from Ditmas Park. Bring a book, listen to a podcast, relax. And arrive hungry.

Originally, I intended to visit the NY Botanical Gardens and then have dinner on Arthur Avenue. Unfortunately, the gardens aren’t open on Mondays. So that was a bummer. I decided to have lunch up there instead – no regrets! Many of the restaurants were full restaurants, big portions, heavy meals, steep prices. But there were hero shops, deli’s, and markets too. And pretty much everything looked authentic.

On a Monday right at lunch time, it was definitely busy. There were plenty of people on the streets. Though not nearly as crowded as Manhattan. It was noticeable how many people were driving. There was not a yellow cab in sight. I don’t get up to the Bronx much and it did feel different from the other boroughs. It was a nice change. I know I looked like a local tourist as I unabashedly took pictures of street signs and storefronts. I don’t think too many tourist-tourists get up that way.


Arthur Avenue Deli #nyc #newyork #deli...

Sandwiches at Tino's, Arthur Avenue, Bronx

For lunch, after some wandering around, I found myself at Tino’s Hero Shop. I ordered a tasty sandwich. I can’t remember the name of it, it was one they had listed. But it was very tasty and filling. I took half of it home with me. And not a bad deal at $8. That’s a normal lunch price for what I’m used to at least. Even at lunch time, there was plenty of seating and tables.

Arthur Avenue Market

arthur avenue market

Little Italy, Bronx, NYC

Before I found Tino’s, I walked through the Arthur Avenue Market, which came recommended. It is definitely worth checking out. Upon entering, you’ll see people hand-rolling cigars. There is an actual grocery market in the middle. And a few sandwich places around the perimeter. I did not eat here but will if I come back. For it being lunch time on a Monday, the place wasn’t very busy. Maybe it’s more of a weekend center?

As an aside, it is worth mentioning that the market does have bathrooms in the back, up the creepy stairs.

Arthur Avenue

Arthur Avenue Market

Coming up to the Bronx for this Little Italy is worth it. And honestly, the trek isn’t that bad at all, especially from Manhattan. Remember, the D goes from 59th st straight up to 125th st. So that helps! It’s a little under an hour from the West 4th St stop. With that said, though, I’m not sure I would go up there just for lunch. Other than the gardens, there isn’t much else to see other than just walking around the neighborhood. Going up for a nice big dinner would be fun though.

Near-By Attractions: Gardens & Bronx Zoo

Both the New York Botanical Gardens and The Bronx Zoo are within walking distance from the Arthur Avenue food places. I definitely recommend going to one of them first, then Little Italy for dinner. You’ll want the break from walking!


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  1. Nice job, Leslie! You were also close to the Bronx Zoo, which is one of the best zoos in the country – next time you should make it a point to go there.

    1. My goodness how did I not mention The Bronx Zoo? I will edit this later and add it in. I’ve been to the zoo twice recently so it wasn’t in my itinerary for the day. But it definitely should be mentioned as another wonderful place to visit in the Bronx. And is also very close to tasty food on Arthur Avenue. Thanks for the reminder!

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