Life Updates: Rocky Horror Picture Show + China Mieville

Life Updates: Rocky Horror Picture Show + China Mieville


Performance: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show at Chelsea Cinema NYC

In another act of nostalgia, some friends and I went to see an interactive performance + screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Chelsea Cinemas. They perform/screen the film every Friday and Saturday at midnight for $9. Apparently, it’s kind of a teen tourist thing. Most of the people there were from out of state. And our group (all in our 30’s) were the oldest people there by at least a decade. Oh nostalgia.

The performance was a blast! Three of us already loved the movie, so seeing it performed live in front of the screen was fantastic. One of us had never seen the movie before. And this is definitely the best way to see it for the first time. Hearing all the call-backs, with perfect timing, was hysterical. We brought props, which was welcomed and fun. There was plenty of opportunities for audience participation.

For a fairly cheap late-night activity, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Music: Say Anything and Saves the Day

Say Anything Live

The tour of emo greats Say Anything and Saves the Day was announced this week. They will be stopping at Irving Plaza Dec 3 & 4th. Oh I will be there. I missed Say Anything over the summer and have had slight regrets about that. So I will not miss them this time. Honestly, Saves the Day doesn’t have as many emotional associations for me as Say Anything.

I got into both bands late. See, in 2000 I discovered the Pixies, which changed my musical interests forever. All through college I went back in time, catching up to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Fugazi. Then got into emo on the side of The Promise Ring and Jets To Brazil. All of the pop-punk-emo bands were completely lost on me until about 2006. I only found Say Anything because of Pandora. But I quickly realized they were the best thing ever. And I listened to nothing but their entire discography for about a year straight.

So seeing them live will be pretty awesome for me. When bands come in town for multiple dates I try to see all the sets. The tickets are cheap enough (about $30) that it’s worth it to not miss a favorite song or two.

Books: A Season of Saturdays + Famous Baby + China Mieville

Non-fiction, A Season of Saturdays: The History of College Football in 14 Games by Michael Weinreb. This is a fantastic, in-depth, but easy reading history of college football. Clearly you should have an interest in the sport to get the most out of it. But you don’t need to know plays or intense details to read it. Learning about the history of the sport and colleges in general was very interesting.

The book is broken down by individual games. In this way, you learned a lot about individual teams and players. This also makes everything a bit easier to read than pure chronological order. For any level of NCAAF fan, I definitely recommend this one.

Fiction, Famous Baby by Karen Rizzo. This is short, quick, easy reading that took me three hours to read from cover to cover. The plot involves 18-year old Abbie, who has spent her life being the star of her mother’s blog. Ruth is a successful mommy blogger and has even had several books published based on her website. With Abbie leaving for college, Ruth decides to bring her dying mother into the home (that is now wired with webcams) as blogging fodder. Abbie is extremely resentful of her life being made public and kidnaps her grandmother to protect her. The book revolves around Abbie & her relationship with her grandmother. And Ruth trying to find Abbie.

Kind of. Really the book doesn’t have a plot at all. The characters have no depth. And everyone is a terrible person with secrets that are so secret, not even the reader can know about them. Because the book starts with Abbie being grown-up, the reader never gets to feel the embarrassment Abbie experiences. We are just told by the author that Abbie was embarrassment. We are told but never shown about character’s feelings and experiences. Essentially, Famous Baby reads like a bad sequel.

Fiction, The Scar by China Mieville. I have just begun reading this and am enjoying it already. Honestly, Mieville makes me nervous. The first of his I read was Kraken and could not stand it. But then I was persuaded to read Perdido Street Station and loved it. I highly recommend it. The Scar also came recommended so I’m hoping I’m not disappointed by this one. His writing and the worlds he creates are so beautiful and imaginative.

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