August Monthly Spending in NYC 2014

August Monthly Spending in NYC 2014


Fixed & Variable living expenses in NYC 2014
Fixed & Variable living expenses in NYC Budget 2014

Family Emergency

In August, I had to last-minute fly out to Wyoming for a family emergency. I stayed there for seven days with my sister. We shared a motel room and rental car. The entire trip cost me $2,765. Most of that was for the airfare.

My sister is ten years older than me, married, and financially stable. Fortunately, she was able to cover most of the motel and rental car. She also paid for all of the funeral/cremation expenses, which totaled just over $3,000. I paid for a day of the motel and rental car. Any miscellaneous items we bought while out there. And all of our meals. I am extremely grateful that my sister was able to take on the financial responsibilities she did. I was able to use my emergency fund for my expenses. But I could not have paid for everything myself.

I’m including any groceries, eating out, misc items that I bought while on the trip as part of those expenses. For this month’s budget, all related expenses are combined. This makes my “eating out” category look very small. But that is because I spent a week away.

August Monthly Spending in NYC

As far as the rest of the month’s spending goes, it went very well. I may just be able to cover the unplanned expenses but it will be very close. So I am trying to really curb my spending until I’m certain. I really don’t want to have to carry a balance on the CC. I’m being a lot more conscious about not eating out. You can see I spent more on groceries than usual. Hopefully, I can get back in the habit of cooking and this will save me some money for now.

I will not be making a student loan payment for the next two months. I’m fortunate that I have some leeway with that. But the only way I can pay off my CC is by skipping the loan payment for a little bit. The set-back is really unfortunate. But necessary. Because I will want to put money back into my Emergency Fund as soon as I can. I now know that every little bit helps.

After getting out of a relationship last month, it’s apparent that I spend considerably less money when single. Especially in the categories of eating out and booze. I know some people are the opposite. For now, I want to take advantage of this lifestyle and do my best to save what I can. Cooking meals the past few weeks has really curbed my need to buy lunch. At $8/lunch, that adds up.


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