June Monthly Spending in NYC 2014

June Monthly Spending in NYC 2014


June 2014 Spending in NYC
June 2014 Spending – Items over $100


My rent is off the charts – literally.

Factoring in my FSA reimbursements, my rent is about 45% of my monthly income. This is acceptable for my budget. And is fairly common by nyc standards. I know I could save money by living with roommates. But at this point in my life, I prefer to make the sacrifices to pay extra and live alone. This is going on my third year in this apartment. My rent has increased by $80 total.

Wardrobe Building

I am slowly building a nice adult wardrobe. By that I mean good quality, fitted clothes. Technically these items are more expensive than what I’m used to. But hopefully wil last longer. After years of buying elastic waisted old navy and h&m dresses, I really need an update.

Last year I bought two Anthropologie dresses and one nice blouse. I wear them often and they still fit me well. This year, I added a $100 dress from Madewell and another Anthropologie dress ($120). Both are work appropriate, which really is the goal here.

This was planned spending. And I will likely continue to purchase new nice dresses next June as well.

The other clothing related items I bought this month were also planned. Shoes. Because I walk everywhere, I generally go through shoes about once a year. I wear four main types of shoes: black flats, canvas shoes, casual sneakers, running sneakers. I have a pair of each and alternate wearing them when appropriate.

Let me say right now, I hate shopping. I don’t like shoes. I don’t wear outfits. I don’t care about fashion.

So I generally replace each pair of these shoes, once a year, with a new identical pair. This month was shoe buying month. The flats, canvas, and casual sneakers were all about $40 each. Running sneakers, which I desperately needed, were $100. I purchased a pair of Brooks Pure Connect 3 at City Sports. (Every time I go to Jack Rabbit I feel like an idiot).

The only extra shoe I bought this month was a splurge. I decided to try out a pair of Keen sandals ($100). Mainly for wearing in the ocean. But also for weekend wear around town. I don’t already own a pair of sandals – I don’t like open toed shoes. So these were a good alternative to them. Plus, these are perfect for the beach. Unfortunately, one of the loops broke off the first time I wore them so I would not buy another pair in the future. Otherwise, they are super comfortable.

Mini Vacation to D.C.

Also this month, I took a spontaneous overnight trip to Washington D.C. Bolt bus was $14 going, $1 coming back (yay). I didn’t look too hard for hotel deals, as I don’t mind splurging for comfort. The museums were all free so my only other expense was food/booze. Including the hotel, total was spent a little over $350.

I wrote a full post on the details of the trip.

Groceries & Eating Out

The first week of June I had already spent a hundred dollars eating out. Thank you summer.

I didn’t buy as many groceries as I normally do. It’s difficult to cook when it’s so hot and stuffy in the apartment. I do not want to be around extra heat. Summertime also means it is nice enough to eat outside and take a full lunch break. This leads to me buying real meals, like those $9 salads. Yep, that’s what working in the financial district is like. Here’s the monthly breakdown of food expenses so far:

Jan: $336
Feb: $339
Mar: $393
Apr: $298
May: $366
June: $362

Six months into the year, I’d say my food spending is pretty consistent at this point. I’ll just have to settle with the fact that I eat between $300-400 worth of food each month.


Unplanned, I bought tickets to see Braid live at MHOW in July. I didn’t know they’d be touring but would love to see them again. The tickets were $25. This’ll be my fourth time seeing Braid and seventh time seeing Bob Nanna live. Yay! I love them.

In the month of June, I made it to Rockaway Beach every single Saturday! Really, these days are pretty affordable. The A train is “free” with my monthly metro card. Tacos (obligatory) are $3.50/each. And that’s my only real expense. I bring snacks, like goldfish or graham crackers from home. And my own bottled water. Then the beach usually tires me out so I don’t do too much that evening. It’s been a pretty great weekend routine so far.

June 2014 Spending - Under $100
June 2014 Spending – Items under $100


At the end of June, after seeing two cockroaches in my apartment, I went on a cleaning binge. Yes, I know it’s summer in nyc and not actually a reflection of the state of my apartment. But it’s still gross. So I bought some new house items. Like a new (larger) dish strainer and drying mat. Re-usable rags. A real mop bucket. I threw out some old cheap gross kitchen utensils and replaced them (spatula, wooden spoons). Bought the cats some new litter mats and scoopers. I finally have a real garbage can.

Then I also bought some extra things (of course I did). Like a set of 10lb dumbbells so I don’t have to pay for a gym membership. And a cheap ($15) “sports” watch. Essentially it tells me the time and has a stopwatch. This is all I need for running.

I’ve realized that it’s been three years since I last moved. This is a record for me. However, it means that I haven’t purged my belongings in a while. Replacing old kitchen items was the beginning of a massive cleaning I really need to start focusing on. I organized my closets recently. That was a big help. I still like to think of myself as a minimalist and try to make purchases/throw things out based around that.

Debt Repayment & Savings

Given all my spending this month, I still made my $600 student loan payment. Ideally, I would like to curb some of my unessential spending and bump this up to $1K by the end of the year. I know the loan isn’t “bad” debt but I just want to be rid of it. I’m still freezing my savings for now to focus on the loan payments. It will feel great to be done with that and just be able to sink everything into my savings. Soon!


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  1. 3 years without moving.. congrats! I’ve lived in 8 places since graduating high school so that puts me at moving over once per yr.

    But I hear you about the upside to moving – the purging of possessions. I borderline enjoy moving just because it forces me to sort through my junk (plus moving to new houses gives me an idea of what type of home I’ll want to buy). Whew, that was a long sentence.

    I just found your blog via Twitter. Sub’d.

    1. At age 24 your moving pattern makes sense. This is the longest I’ve been in one place without moving and I moved here at age 29. I do miss the purging process but it just means that I need to remind myself every now and then to do this on my own. I might also think about subscribing to the “one in, one out” method.

  2. It looks like you’ve been fairly consistent with your food & drink budget. That’s impressive for working in such an expensive neighborhood. I’m tempted to each out at least once a week with either friends or co-workers, even when I’ve brought my lunch. I try to remind myself how much more expensive it is and think about whether it’s really worth it or not.

    1. I do my fair share of eating out, which is probably why my spending is consistent. I don’t go on “no spend” binges, which would probably make me spend more the following month. I’ve also realized that I often spend more money on food when I’m only buying groceries instead of going out to eat. Weird how that works here.

  3. I love your idea of building an adult wardrobe! Lately, I’ve noticed some changes in my personal style, and I’ve been wondering how to work towards adding some more timeless pieces! Definitely going to work on budgetting that in!

    1. It is almost better to do it slowly. Then you will actually be able to determine what has the best long-term potential. Good luck!

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