Weekly Updates: Race Recovery + Built To Spill + Backyard Bars

Weekly Updates: Race Recovery + Built To Spill + Backyard Bars


Running: Race Follow-Up

It’s been exactly two weeks since I ran the Brooklyn Half. During the race, my quads tightened up around Mile 11. It’s not surprise that the day after was impossible for me. My calves and quads were so sore. I used the Tiger Tail massage stick for the first time and that was very helpful (painful).

The Wednesday after the race was the first of a 5K Summer Series held in Prospect Park. That was definitely a recovery run for me. I ran it with my friend Jess who PR’d that day! Unfortunately, I still had a sharp pain in my foot from the half. This lasted about a week and a half then faded away.

So, I decided to do a morning run yesterday. It went fine but after the run, the sharp pain in my foot came back. I’m trying to stretch everything out more and hopefully that will help. The second 5K of the series is next week. I’ll just treat it as a regular run and hopefully everything will be pain-free.

Music: Built To Spill Live

Built To Spill
Last week, Built to Spill did a three day set in nyc. I saw them Monday at Brooklyn Bowl and Wednesday at Bowery Ballroom. Both were amazing. I had seen the band a few months ago when they played at Irving Plaza. I just really love this band. The musicians are so talented and Doug Martsch’s voice is very unique. Although this is is the second iteration of the band, these guys have still been playing together for about a decade so it’s like band part 2.

The band released their first album in 1993. And they’re still playing today. This means they have a ton of songs to choose from to play live! Which means for the concert goer, you can go to several different shows and hear very few repeat songs. Of the two sets I saw last week, only one of their songs was repeated. And it was my favorite so no complaints form me.

Someone recently asked me what some of my favorite bands were other than Built To Spill. So I put together a 10-song play list as a little sampling of other music I love.

NYC: Backyard Bars in NYC

In the early summer, bars with backyard seating are much sought after here in nyc. They’re easier to find in the spacious outer boroughs but some exist in Manhattan too. I’ve been keeping a mental running list. But wanted to jot some of my favorites. Let me know what your favorite bars are with backyards. I’ll make a future post about it!

A Few Bars with Backyards in NYC

  • Key Bar – 13th st @ Avenue A
  • Bar Chord & Sycamore – Ditmas Park
  • 4th Avenue Pub – Park Slope
  • Weather Up & Soda Bar – Prospect Heights
  • Berry Park (rooftop) – Willimsburg
  • Outdoor beer gardens in Williamsburg & Astoria
  • Spuyten Duyvil – Williamsburg
  • Diamond – Greenpoint
  • DBA (both) – Williamsburg backyard & LES rooftop
  • Parlor – Bed Stuy
  • Ice Box – Red Hook

Brooklyln: Peter Steele Memorial Tree

Peter Steele was the front-man for goth-metal band Type O Negative. He died of an aortic aneurysm in 2010 at age 48.

Steele was raised in Brooklyn and worked for the parks department before going on the road with the band. He once said that working in the parks was one of the best times of his life. He was the supervisor for the Brooklyn Promenade when he left.

As a memorial to the 6’8″ man who sang death metal, the NYC Parks Department put up a memorial tree for him in Prospect Park. It is fenced off and topped with fake spider webs. Fans have hung put down candles at it’s base and hung decorations from the limbs. A rubber skeleton, bat, and some green ribbon were hanging there when I saw it.

The tree is at the beginning of the great meadow if you’re entering from grand army plaza. You can’t miss it. There aren’t any other trees with rubber skeletons hanging from them.

Books: The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir
After reading Spousonomics and Tell Tale Brain (both very good), I decided to follow them up with some sci-fi adventure fiction. The Martian by Andy Weir seems like it would be an adventure story but really comes more as a DIY blog written by an engineer who just happens to be living on Mars.

This is Weir’s debut novel. Story-wise, there is lots of creative potential here. But his writing lacks consistency, visualizations, and character development. The entire novel is a perfect example of “telling” rather than “showing”. When the character writes “My plan worked! Here’s how I did it…” the reader never gets to have the suspense of the plan failing.

The lack of character development is pretty startling. After being on Mars for a year, the main character never talks about missing his family or friends. Never gets emotional on holidays. And never feels lonely. Though there is a sentiment that he wishes he “could get laid”.

It is rumored they are adapting this to film. I actually can see that being better than the book. At least movie producers know that an audience wants emotional attachment to a character and/or lots of explosions.

Internet Best Of: Links

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Blondies – Smitten Kitchen

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  1. I LOVE Built to Spill, that’s so great you’ve seen them 3 times in recent months. That must be one of the best parts to living in NYC–all the amazing music.

    1. Knowing that a band is going to stop here on their tour is definitely a bonus of living here. You have to really stay on top of dates though because things sell out super fast! Actually, the BTS show at Bowery Ballroom was sold out but I bought a last minute ticket on Craig’s List.

  2. Don’t forget Lock yard in Bay Ridge! Also the Gate in Park Slope has a side yard, Mission Dolores also in PS has an open courtyard, Boxcar in the EV has a backyard…and Gowanus Yacht club in Carroll Gardens is entirely outside.

    1. Ah, Boxcar! That’s another one I’ve been to but forgot. Actually, I’ve never been to Mission Delores but have heard a lot about it. And I’ll have to check out a backyard in Bay Ridge sometime this summer. Thanks for these, I’ll add them to the full list.

      1. You’ve been to Lockyard already but it was winter and gross. We should go back! Also Mission Dolores is really good.

        I really want to check out some rooftop bars this year. Something about roofs seems extra awesome.

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