Comparing Grocery Prices in Brooklyn

Comparing Grocery Prices in Brooklyn


Comparing Grocery Prices in Brooklyn

I know I write about groceries a lot. Food costs seem to be come up a lot when trying to create a budget or cut down on spending. Sure, you probably don’t have to spend too much on food. But you still need to eat. I’ve tried to determine my minimum food spending over the past few months. Mainly what I learned is that prices fluctuate a lot depending on where I shop.

While I do love the convenience of Fresh Direct, it is undeniable that their prices are much higher. Even when factoring in store’s sale prices, it still doesn’t balance out.

I’ve put together a table below of common groceries I’ve purchased. This provides an easy way of comparing grocery prices in Brooklyn. The prices I paid for them are listed. Most are retail, some are sale (crackers & strawberries). I don’t put too much weight on the sale prices because for every item you buy on sale, you’re probably buying at least two retail priced items in the same order.

Foodtown is my nearest chain grocery store. The ‘local market’ is a private grocery store. Their receipt doesn’t always have the per pound information for produce so I tried my best. I predominantly buy produce/fruit here, so many categories are blank.

Both are located in my neighborhood of Brooklyn. I mention this because prices fluctuate largely from borough to borough and even neighborhood to neighborhood.

Food Fresh Direct Foodtown Local Market
Bananas $1.99/bunch $0.79/lb
Strawberries $3.99 $3.99
Green Pepper $1.99/lb $1.49/lb $2.69/lb
Yellow Corn $0.89/ea 3 for $2 3 for $1.5
Romaine $2.49 $1.49 $0.50
Kale $2.49/bunch $1.19/lb $1.69/lb
Potato $0.99/lb $1.29/lb $1.30 (2 potatoes)
Grape Tomatoes $2.50 $2.50
Eggs (dozen) $2.99

Butter $4.99 ea $1.49/lb
Baking Soda $1.19 (16 oz) $0.69 (8 oz)
Boneless Chicken $3.99/lb $2.99/lb
Arnold Bread $3.69 $2.49
Ice Cream $5.69 $4.99
Townhouse Crackers $4.29 $3.99
Vegetable Oil (24oz) $3.99 $2.29
Cheddar $6.99/lb $5.99/lb

Fortunately, two local markets are close to my apartment. This makes buying cheap produce much easier. Now that it’s summer, this will be my plan for groceries on most days. Even eggs and butter look to be a good choice there. I’ll continue to use Foodtown for prepared food items (crackers, peanut butter). The local market is small and does not have a deli or butcher. I’ll continue going to Foodtown for cheese and meats.

I don’t regret my month of using Fresh Direct but I think I’m over it. Especially since it’s warmer weather, I don’t need a delivery service. Their produce is certainly more expensive even if it can be in better condition.

The quality of food is something the chart does not show. In my experience, the local markets have fruits & vegetables in better condition than Foodtown. Fresh Direct’s produce is good quality but you are paying for it. And most of their selection only offers organic.

My grocery bill seems to decrease a bit in the summer. Buying lots of vegetables and subsisting mainly on salads helps. I also find myself doing activities like picnic in the parks and going to the beach. This usually means bringing my own snacks instead of eating out somewhere.


4 Replies to “Comparing Grocery Prices in Brooklyn”

  1. Holy shit, do bananas really cost $2.84/lb at the foodtown near you? That’s insane. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them more than 89¢/lb. Most of the time, I can get them for 69¢ or less.

    1. Aaah that was probably the total cost of the bananas. I will check my receipt when I get home and correct it. It was kind of tricky going through the per lb prices since each store wrote them up differently on the receipt.

  2. I kept a “price book” like that for a while and it took a lot of math to convert between pounds and kilos, or per package! But it did help me figure out it was worth it to go to the local produce shop, Bulk Barn, and Costco.

    1. Glad I’m not the only crazy one! I know sales can affect things but for the most part, it’s pretty clear what the best options are.

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