First Time Going to a Psychic (and last)

First Time Going to a Psychic (and last)


A few years ago, when going through a tough decision in my life, I used my friend’s personal recommendation and saw a psychic. This was my first time going to a psychic. And my last. No, it wasn’t a $5 palm reading. No, she didn’t have a neon light in the window. No, it wasn’t at a fair. It was nothing like the photo above. The reading took place at the psychic’s condo in suburban Michigan. I had to call and make an appointment a few weeks ahead of time. It cost $90/hour. Was going to a psychic worth it? Well, no if you’re looking to get your future predicted but yes if you’re just looking for the experience.

Personal Recommendation

My friend had seen the psychic a few times before. One of this psychic’s specialties was seeing illnesses. She had told my friend to go get her ovaries checked out and turned out there was a growth there. It was benign, thankfully. From that experience, my friend strongly recommended the woman.

I was not looking for health advice but went regardless. The session was very normal. Her apartment was normal. We sat in a normal looking sitting room. She did put out some tarot cards. She read me, initially, as I came in. As we all can do to a certain point (that person looks scatterbrained, that person looks type-a, etc).

How do I remember all this? I don’t. As soon as I left, I wrote everything she told me down in a journal. I usually forget about it. But sometimes take a look through it just to see.

The Psychic Reading

When we sat down, she asked me if there was anything I didn’t want to know. I wasn’t certain what that meant so I said no. In hindsight, I should have said a few things. I didn’t see her to find out how many kids I was going to have or who I was going to marry. But she told me those things anyway. I didn’t even pay attention because it didn’t interest me. But I guess that was the type of thing I could have told her I didn’t want to know.

Okay, it’s true that I didn’t remember it. However, when going through my journal, it seems I wrote it down. So, here is why you need to be careful with future predictions. She was very specific saying that I the love of my life was “6’2″, named David, with a mole on the left side of his face, he would be carrying a briefcase.” Now, if I was desperately lonely and not cynical, I could easily roam around nyc looking for someone that matched this description, trick myself into falling in love with him, so I can say that the psychic was right all along. Not that any of that would be on purpose of course. Selective perception is a bitch. Thankfully I remember and then promptly forget this anyway.

She asked me to bring some things to show her. Pictures of pets, babies, family, and close friends. Or if I wanted to ask about anyone specific, to bring a photo of them. Also, any journal or item with handwriting.

There were a few cheesy moments. She said that the faces of pets and babies are “the most honest”. So when looking at pictures of my cat, she said he wanted me to get married. Okay. She did not, however, tell me that he was going to get hit by a car a year later and I should never let him outside! Now that would have been useful.

Medical Diagnoses

One of the most interesting things she did, was declare medical ailments by looking at someone’s photo. Cynically, many were generic and easily could have been lucky guesses. With that said, they were all dead-on. In a photo of some friends, she pointed to one (a guy I didn’t know very well then but ended up dating him later on) and said he suffers from allergies and used to have ear problems but no longer. I didn’t know him well enough then to know if that was true or not. After we were dating a bit, I mentioned it to him, and he did have ear troubles as a kid resulting in getting tubes put in. This is a common ailment among children, though.

Another diagnosis she gave was that my brother would suffer from high blood pressure until 2008. It was true that he had high blood pressure, as do many men. I am not close enough to him to know if he was able to treat it by that dead line or not.

Regardless of the truth in these, it was very interesting to watch her do it. She said a few other generic things for family, all were correct. She did say a few specific things. I am going to get into a car accident in a white vehicle. The car will be totaled but everyone will be fine. That hasn’t happened (yet?). I will not get breast cancer (it runs in my family). I will have a miscarriage or abortion. I will have a pregnancy scare that fall (this happened but I was 24 so not a long shot guess).

When looking at friend’s photos, she pointed out ones who were good for me, ones who were selfish, ones who had a temper. Told me to keep certain ones in my life, etc. None of this was too surprising or hard to guess either. In general, it was just interesting to watch her read people like that, in an instant.

A Higher Level of Perception

My general thoughts after this was not that she can actually predict the future, but that she has a higher level of perception than most of us. You know how some people are a good judge of character? It’s like that. She is very good at reading people. If you take your skill, then say fairly general things, you will be right a lot of the time. And for what you’re wrong about, people will just see what they want to see.

Now, this is not the only psychic experience I’ve had. While flipping through my journal to look up this conversation, I found something else that I had completely forgotten about. In 2009, so three years later, at a friend’s party, a guy with “psychic abilities” started reading me. I didn’t actually give him permission to do this. He just started spouting my future at me. This does not count. One of the things he, drunkenly, said was that me and my boyfriend at the time were going to be engaged by the end of the year. Nope. Now, he did say that I was going to have a miscarriage in the future. Part of me wants to say “weird!” but realistically, what is the statistic on that. How many pregnancies result in miscarriage? Enough that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that to someone. Granted, shitty to say to someone.

Setting up the psychic appointment and meeting with her felt a lot like a therapy session. You talked about what was bothering you, she helped you make decisions, she analyzed you, and it was kind of expensive.

I actually enjoyed the experience once but did not have any desire to go back. I am also cynical enough to consider any of the predictions that were ‘true’ to be coincidence.


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  1. If I remember correctly, something like 60% of pregnancies result in miscarriage; it just usually happens early enough that the woman doesn’t even notice it happening. So it’s a really safe bet to make, and comes with a built-in guarantee! “You totally had a miscarriage, you just didn’t know it. That’ll be $90.”

  2. Yep I’m in agreement with you on this.

    I’ve not been to psychics on my own dime but have done so for a feature article I wrote. I can’t remember if I went to one or two but I do remember one being quite maternal and she made me think more of a counselor than a psychic.

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