Weekly Updates: Pet Health + New Laptop + Pinata Cake

Weekly Updates: Pet Health + New Laptop + Pinata Cake


Life: New Laptop – Lenovo Yoga 11S

I’ve been needing a new laptop for about a year now. My current 10″ netbook has lasted me 3 years, which makes me happy. It wasn’t supposed to be my main computer. I bought it as a supplement to my desktop so I could participate in NaNoWriMo. And for that it worked great. As a standalone, it left much to be desired.

Over the past few months, the screen had detached from the rest of the computer. It wasn’t supposed to. So in order to use it, I had to sit at a table with books propping it up. Pretty inconvenient.

Hunting for a laptop is not a fun task. Much like mac fanboys, I am a fangirl for Lenovo. This may sound silly, but having a full keyboard means a lot to me! So, after a lot of searching, I started seriously considering the Lenovo Yoga 11S 2-in-1 laptop/tablet.

As someone who has used macs but never owned one, I decided to compare the Yoga 11S and the macbook air technical specs. While laptop hunting I learned that I am pretty picky about hardware. If I was going to spend the money, why not splurge and get a solid state harddrive. They’re lighter and faster. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, the Yoga 11S and macbook air comparison was interesting. For the most part, these are identical machines. The biggest differences are the Yoga 11S comes with a 128G solid state hard drive, while the macbook air comes with 128G flash storage. Because of this, the macbook air is slightly lighter (2.4 lbs vs 3.1 lbs).

The only other spec I noticed was the graphics in the macbook were slightly better – but you won’t be gaming on either system.

The big difference of course is the Yoga 11S converts from a laptop into a tablet. Or can be put into stand mode for watching movies and presentations. The macbook air is solely a laptop. And you’d have to spend more money on a separate tablet.

The price comparison is interesting. The Yoga 11S came to $871 after tax (free shipping). The macbook air comes to $1,088 after tax (free shipping).

I’ve never actually looked at the specs of mac machines so this comparison was really interesting to me!

So, I bought a Yoga 11S. After using it for a little bit, I think the machine is great but do not like using it as a tablet. I’ve learned that I don’t like tablets and really have no use for them. Why buy a convertible? Honestly, I couldn’t find a plain laptop for cheaper that was better. But I’m happy with my purchase and will happily use it as just a laptop.

Life: Cat Teeth Removal

Scarface cat

Scarface, my 2 year-old cat, recently went for a dental cleaning and had four teeth extracted!

He’s perfectly okay now though. After the anesthesia he was a bit wobbly but recovered just fine. After eating soft foods he seems comfortable with dry food. And no longer seems to be in pain.

Damage was also done to my bank account as the dental cleaning came to $550. I planned for it and used my tax refund. But still! That’s an expensive mouth.

The vet warned me this may need to be done again, since Scarface has over-sensitive gums. Poor guy! I don’t plan on getting pet insurance but will budget these cleanings. Hopefully that will be the last of the teeth extractions.

Food: Pinata Cake

First slice taken out of Pinata Cake Instructions
First slice taken out of Pinata Cake

I made a pinata cake with M & M’s inside! It was for my friend Allison’s birthday. Last year I made her the Rubik’s Cube Cake. This year’s wasn’t quite as time intensive.

The layer cake was pretty easy to put together, filling with M & M’s was simple, then the rest was just frosting and small decorations. I’m not good at decorations. That’s why I try to focus on the inside of the cake instead of the outside.

Making a cake once a year is perfect for me, since I find it a good enjoyable challenge. For the rest of the year, I’ll stick to cookies.

Book: The Universe Versus Alex Woods


This is a story about a teenage boy who gets hit with a meteorite but that is completely irrelevant although it is very interesting and makes the first 100 pages a breeze! But really this is about a teenage boy who befriends an elderly man, reads a lot of Kurt Vonnegut, then helps the elderly man die through assisted suicide.

The writing is great as I was able to read the book, albeit slowly, straight through even though the plot was dull. The first half of the book being so different from the second half was confusing. I loved the beginning. It was witty and weird. There was lots of humor but in a subtle Douglas Adams way. It was talked about growing up very well.

But then the second-half of the book came about and it was just… another story about someone’s life being changed by an elderly person. Sorry, but this is a pretty easy plot line that’s been done a lot. I felt the beginning of the story was misleading to what the story was actually about. The actual plot was not interesting to me.

If you find reading about befriending the elderly interesting, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, skip it. I still give it 3/5 stars because the writing style was great.

Television: Heroes: Season 1

For no reason in particular, I’ve decided to re-watch Heroes. I only watched through the first season several years ago. I’m guessing that is as far as I will be able to get this time around as well. From what I remember the ending of the season was pretty rough.

Since I don’t remember tv/movies/books after experiencing them, I’m having little deja vu while watching this. It all feels new to me. Which keeps my interest. I’m a bit more annoyed by all the coincidences now than I was upon the first watching.

The characters are still great and unique. And each character’s story is told well. I hadn’t likened it to Lost so much before. But it feels similar since there is that exploration into each character’s story and superpower.

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