Stop Throwing Food Away and Eat Your Veggies


Save money on groceries and stop throwing food away by chopping veggies

Chop up vegetables as soon as you get them & keep them in an easily accessible bowl in the fridge for snacking.

Stop Eating The Baby (Carrots)

A few years ago, I grew tired of my baby carrots getting gross and slimy or dried out and cracked. I decided to try buying carrots whole. Then I found a whole new problem. Sometimes, I can be lazy. And when it came to the idea of having to peel and chop my own carrots, my laziness came out. The thought of having to peel and chop a carrot or two every time I wanted just a little snack was daunting. I would use them for cooking but not snacking. This meant some of the first bags went to waste.

Instead of snacking on carrots, I would snack on something easily accessible like crackers or cookies or any other item I can just pull out of a bag. Also, I still had the problem of the carrots going dry and cracked while sitting in the refrigerator.

Then I learned a trick. Instead of prepping and eating carrots one-by-one, I could just chop them all at once. This way, they would be in a bowl/bag and I could easily snack on them any time I wanted. Doing this does mean more work in the beginning. You have to peel and chop an entire bag of carrots. But then you’re done. No more work to eat your carrots.

Chop & Prep Now, Snack All You Want Later

The best way to do this is to chop everything up as soon as you get home from the grocery store. Take out all your vegetables, a knife, and a cutting board. It may seem like it will take you a long time but it won’t I promise. I most often purchase carrots and celery so that’s what I’m referring to. Peel what needs to be peeled (I do carrots and celery mainly) and chop into sticks for snacking. Then put them into a bowl, fill it with cold water, and put it all in the fridge. There, that solves your drying out and cracking problem. This way celery & carrots will stay crisp & moist.

But what if you want to cook with them?? Don’t worry, you still can. You can still easily dice up the carrots and celery to use in soups. The sticks are multi-use. Good for cooking and snacking. They will last in the water bowl in the fridge for a good two weeks. I very rarely ever throw these veggies out now.

It’s also easy to take a few out of the bowl, put them in a baggie/cup, and bring them to work. They will stay moist enough throughout the day. And now you have no excuse not to bring veggies in your work lunch.

Stop Eating the Bag (Salad)

Save money on groceries by prepping everything immediately

You’re guaranteed to eat your salad & veggies by having it ready to go

I also like to do this because it makes salad-making less daunting as well. Instead of chopping up your vegetables every time you want to make a salad, you can do it all before hand then just throw them in a bowl together when you want salad!

For leafy greens, as soon as you come home, wash & dry them then put them in a bowl and put it in the crisper (if it’ll fit) in the fridge. Chop up the rest of your vegetables. The only thing this doesn’t work for is tomatoes. So you either have to chop them as you want them or use cherry tomatoes. Now, when you want a salad, just put some greens in a bowl, break the carrot/celery sticks in half if you need to, add your other veggies, and there. Salad. Done. No more bagged salads.

This also make it very easy to make a salad in the morning and bring for a work lunch. I know it may seem like a lot of work but it’s better to get it out of the way first than to have to keep repeating it over and over and over. Plus, having fresh vegetables to snack on like this is great for having company over. Just add hummus or dips and you’re ready to entertain a surprise guest.


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