Life Updates: Polar Bear Swim + Happy New Year

Life Updates: Polar Bear Swim + Happy New Year


Life: Polar Bear Swim at Coney Island

Polar Bear Swim at Coney Island on 31 degree day Jan 1, 2014
Polar Bear Swim at Coney Island on 31 degree day Jan 1, 2014

On New Years Day, at a temperature of 31 degrees, over 2,500 idiots jumped in the Atlantic ocean at Coney Island, Brooklyn. I was one of them.

This was my fourth year participating in the polar bear swim at coney island, brooklyn. It was terrible and great. I loved every second of it. Each year I sucker someone new into doing this with me.

This year I suckered two friends, Joseph & Pavel, into doing the plunge. And they did. But I’m not quite sure they’ll do it again. There was definitely a full minute there where we were not friends anymore.

I thought it was great! The weather was chilly but not too cold. There was a huge crowd as usual (hundreds of people). The drunk older Russian guy in a leopard-print speedo was entertaining. Lots of costumes all around.

The water was… cold. It’s always cold. I can’t tell you if it was colder than in previous years. It’s just… cold. Initially your toes will start to burn with pain and your natural reflex is to GTFO. But if you keep walking, everything numbs up and you’re fine! Well, just be careful. But I waded up to my waist then plunged under the water. Going under doesn’t make you any colder than you already are! It was 31 degrees, the water is a bit warmer than that.

Toes are certainly the worst off. Your body will turn red when you get out of the water but nothing feels cold except your toes. Next year I need to talk someone into coming out as a spectator to help me put my socks on when my fingers won’t move. Also need a photography assistant because we were all too cold to take pictures.

My first polar bear swim at Coney Island 2010
My first polar bear swim at Coney Island 2010
That's a whole lots of idiots ready to jump in the ocean on New Years Day
That’s a whole lots of idiots ready to jump in the ocean on New Years Day

Life: Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve Fireworks at Prospect Park Brooklyn
New Year’s Eve Fireworks at Prospect Park Brooklyn

This year I had one of the best New Year’s to date. Which is surprising because I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s as a holiday. Well, specifically, New Year’s Eve. For some reason, NYE is made out to be a big event but really it’s just another party. Or another night at a bar with friends. Except extra obnoxious. Nothing to get excited about.

And this year I wasn’t planning on doing anything until my friend Allison last-minute invited me to a party at her apartment. Within walking distance. Around 11:30pm, the group of us walked across the street and up to Prospect Park.

Every year there is New Year’s fireworks at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It was great to finally see them! What a fun way to ring in the new year. There were quite a few people in the park to watch the light show. It felt really cozy. And wasn’t crowded at all. I’m guessing it was mostly people who lived in the area. For a pleasant and celebratory NYE experience in NYC I definitely suggest doing this. I am pretty sure there were tables with hot cocoa and coffee closer to Grand Army Plaza.

Sports: MSU Won the Rosebowl

Michigan State won the 100th Rose Bowl Game against Stanford
Michigan State won the 100th Rose Bowl Game against Stanford

I realize this is of little relevant interest to most of you. But I’m a spartan at heart. And having them win the 100th Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day made me very very happy.

So college football season is officially over. Time to re-focus on MSU Basketball! Speaking of which, they beat previously undefeated OSU this past week. Sorry Buckeyes!

Sports: Devils vs Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center
Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center

This was my second NHL game. It was the New Jersey Devils playing the Philadelphia Flyers at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. The arena was great. I had a soft pretzel larger than my head for dinner.

The game was exciting too, which is always a gamble when seeing live sports. The Flyers won in OT. Sorry Devil’s fans. I love sports but am not the biggest fan of hockey. With that said, I enjoyed watching the game live and wasn’t bored for too much of it.

Movies: Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug

Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Feet Prop
Feet of Hobbitses

I have one word for the second Hobbit movie: disappointing

At its heart, the story in The Hobbit is about character-building. A coming of age story. A story of personal growth in Bilbo. It is not an action story. It is not about fighting. It is about Bilbo becoming a courageous little Hobbit. It is a story of bravery not heroics.

It is possible to make a movie like this. But clearly that is not what Peter Jackson intended to do. Removing all of Tolkien’s voice, the story in the movie is one of heroism and large cgi battles. There is less character development.

The focus is on the world as a whole. Leading up to the battle of five armies. A great battle that I am sure will be full of plenty of CGI goblins and special effects. Bilbo’s character will be lost and forgotten. The story will be simplified into Good and Evil. Making it a great segue into the rest of the Lord of the Rings story.

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  1. I remember people in Toronto mentioning that people do this kinda thing on NYE! Of course here we would totally do it cause it’s the height of summer. You totally couldn’t pay me to do this though. Getting in the ocean even in spring is enough to give me a cold.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. I bet that cold was seriously a shock to your system! All and all.. I think it’s pretty neat that you did that. Sometimes you gotta let a little bit of whacky into your life!

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