Weekly Updates: Christmas + Trees + Hobbitses

Weekly Updates: Christmas + Trees + Hobbitses


Life Upcoming: Christmas Tree Crawl

Christmas Trees in Manhattan Highlights Map
Christmas Trees in Manhattan Highlights Map

I plan to do a full post on this after I do it, but wanted to talk about my plan. Every year I see the tree in rockefeller center. It’s anxiety inducing, gaudy, obnoxious. Not very Christmasy at all in fact. I’ve known that there are other trees. I love the Bryant Park tree. But this year, I’ve decided to go on a Christmas Tree Tour to look at a lot of them!

Not all, because there are tons, but most of the prominent ones in Manhattan. Nine to be exact. Nine Christmas Trees. The map above shows the ones on my list. Here’s the order. View the map on Google Maps.

  1. Lincoln Center
  2. American Museum of Natural History
  3. Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
  4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  5. Plaza Hotel
  6. Rockefeller Center
  7. Bryant Park
  8. Washington Square Park
  9. New York Stock Exchange

I’ll be sure to take pictures and report back on all the trees! In my Christmas tree research, I learned that there are lots of Christmas trees all around the city! I’ve added some to my honorable mention list and hope I can get to some of them later. Or next year. Sometimes I really love NYC.

Life Upcoming: Christmas & The Hobbit

Christmas Lights Display in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
Christmas Lights Display in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

This Christmas and Christmas Eve will be spent with friends in the city. Some friends are hosting a Christmas Eve dinner, which I’m quite looking forward too. My plan for Christmas this year is pretty low-key.

Start off the morning with a cooked breakfast, yule log on my tv, and watching my cats destroy the tree some more. The afternoon will be spent watching The Hobbit part two. After dinner time, I’ll spend the evening walking around Dyker Heights looking at the amazing Christmas light displays. Then it’ll be time for second dinner and to pass outunder the Christmas tree with a full belly.

Last year I began what will be a short tradition of re-reading The Hobbit then going to see the movie on Christmas day. I continued that this year and am looking forward to seeing the movie. My third read of The Hobbit was just as good as the first.

I love Bilbo as an anti-hero. He doesn’t really care about dragon slaying or gold, he just wants to be home drinking tea! Even right at the end when they have all the gold, he still would rather be home, like the little hobbitses he is.

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    1. I only know of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, which is where that photo was taken. Even though it is a trek from the subway, I walked around that neighborhood the past two Christmas seasons and can’t recommend it enough! The main areas in Dyker Heights are 11th-13th Avenue between 83rd-86th st. You’ll know because you’ll see all the people and all the lights!

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