Christmas Music Playlist

Christmas Music Playlist


christmas music time
Christmas Music Time!

I loooove Christmas Music! I know… it’s silly. And corny. And sometimes overly religious. And often musically terrible. But who cares! All that makes it great!

Since I’ve been listening to Christmas music since December 1st, I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorites. Plus I made you a whole Christmas music playlist to listen to at your leisure. It is the season of giving, after all.

Relient K

Relient K has been around for a while (I discovered them in high school). They’re not amazing, but fun. And have gotten less obviously Christian in later years (though I’d still call them a predominantly Christian band). The band is fun. The music is fun. And their take on Christmas music is definitely fun.

They have their own take on traditional songs like “12 Days of Christmas”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, and “Deck the Halls”. There’s some originals too like “Merry Christmas, Here’s to Many More”. Plus one of the saddest Christmas songs “I Hate Christmas Parties.” So. Sad.

Relient K – 12 Days of Christmas (click to play)
Relient K – I Hate Christmas Parties (click to play)

Charlie Brown Christmas

This soundtrack, performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, is beautiful. Sure, it’s full of nostalgia. But it’s also very good! The songs aren’t obnoxious, but are catchy. And I bet you’ll be able to match each song to it’s scene.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Christmas Time is Here Song (click to play)
A Charlie Brown Christmas – Linus and Lucy (click to play)

Loretta Lynn

Country singer Loretta Lynn sings some really sad songs about Christmas. “To Heck with Ole Santa Claus” is fairly light-hearted. But “I Won’t Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year” and “Christmas Without Daddy” certainly aren’t. These are beautiful songs because she has a beautiful voice, but not the best picks for a Christmas party or cheery family get together.

Loretta Lynn – To Heck With Old Santa Claus (click to play)
Loretta Lynn – I Won’t Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year (click to play)

Spotify Playlist – Leslie Bells

Sorry for those of you without Spotify, but this is the easiest way!


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  1. I love that picture. It just looks really cozy. I may get around to playing Christmas music maybe on Christmas Eve, and I just re-watched Love Actually last night again which I was resisting, thinking it would make me depressed but actually made me feel pretty good…so who knows…there is hope for this self-described Grinch after all? :)

    1. Love Actually is hit or miss for me! Sometimes it makes me smile and feel warm. Sometimes I watch it while bawling petting my cats :) Hope you were able to have a grinchless holiday!

    1. Oof I don’t see that Ben Folds song on Spotify but “Lonely Christmas Eve” is there as another nomination for sad christmas song.

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