Weekly Updates: Thanksgiving + Dean Wareham + Christmas Cats

Weekly Updates: Thanksgiving + Dean Wareham + Christmas Cats


Life: Thanksgiving

thanksgiving with friends and mtg
Thanksgiving with friends (plus Archer, DS games, and MTG)

I had a low-key Thanksgiving with some friends in Washington Heights. We (well, they) watched Archer. I did a lesson on MTG, which probably only confused friend more. We gorged on food. Some nerds took out their DS to have a poke battle. We gorged on more food. Chatted. Ate more food again. Then I got sleepy and headed home.

Since the neighborhood they live in is over an hour from my apartment, me and my full belly promptly fell asleep on the train. When I woke up in Brooklyn, I was surrounded by shopping bags! Seriously, every other person on that train had been out shopping, it then being past midnight. Good for them!

Life: Christmas Tree

Kitty cat guarding the christmas tree
Scarface: Official Tree Guard Cat

Instead of doing all that crazy shopping on black friday, I put up my Christmas tree! This is the first year I’ve had both cats and a tree so I was looking forward to how they would react. Yes, I had heard all the stories. And I knew to not have any ornaments on the lower branches.

As you see in the photo above, my little cat Scarface took the tree well. Usually he’s the hellraiser but this time he decided to just hang out all cozy-like under the tree. There he is just lying on the little blanket I’m using in stead of a tree skirt.

Unfortunately, my bigger cat Franklin hates the tree and is set on DESTROYING it. Every single morning I have woken up to an avalanche of ornaments falling off the tree. Of course he runs and hides when I come out to the living room and grab the spray bottle. But, having a fake tree, there is definite proof that a cat was traipsing around inside the branches. Some of the branches are so bent it clearly looks like a cat bed!

I love my cat. And I love my Christmas tree. But this is really driving me nuts!

Life: Dean Wareham Live

Dean Wareham 11/13 at Bellhouse
Dean Wareham 11/13 at Bellhouse

I saw Dean Wareham (Luna, Galaxie 500) play at Bellhouse last weekend. This is my third time seeing him perform. It’s always great. They played for two hours including encore. It’s fun hearing songs from three different bands all in the same performance.

He seemed to have more stage presence this time than earlier in the year when I saw him perform at LPR. There was plenty of stage banter and he was very happy drinking a hot toddy. The music was top-notch too, but that was expected.

If you’ve never heard of these bands, take a listen!
Chinatown by Luna
When Will You Come Home by Galaxie 500

I also took a bunch of photos with my real camera. Enjoy below!

Dean and Britta 11/13 in Brooklyn
Dean and Britta 11/13 in Brooklyn
Luna at Bellhouse 11/13
Luna at Bellhouse 11/13
Dean Wareham performing
Dean Wareham performing

Movies: Bloodfreak

bloodfreak movie
Happy Thanksgiving movie – Bloodfreak

The movie Bloodfreak is a heart-warming Thanksgiving story with a lesson! After eating contaminated turkey, a young man turns into a turkey monster! See picture above. That is Turkey Monster Man! Amazing that he is a blood-craving turkey yet still has human hands, feet, torso, etc.

Anyway, turkey-man isn’t really a monster though. He only craves the blood of drug-addicts. So Turkey Monster Man goes around killing and sucking the blood of young kids at parties doing drugs. I guess this makes him Turkey Monster Vampire Man. Let this be a lesson to you folks, if you go around to parties shooting up, the Turkey Monster Vampire Man is coming after you!

After killing hundreds of drug-using hippies (it was filmed in the 1970’s) he take a little stroll through the woods. All of a sudden, he sees a man! Then Turkey Monster Vampire starts shaking and collapses! Oh no! And amazingly, when he stands up, he is back to normal! The end.

I’m not kidding. That is how it ended.

Books: Carrie

Carrie by Stephen King costume
Depiction of “Carrie” by Stephen King

For no real reason, I read Stephen King’s Carrie this week. I saw the movie a few years ago and wasn’t all that impressed. Older scary movies are difficult to watch. How can anything shock me after I’ve seen four Saw movies? The books was even less creepy because it switched between multiple characters’ narratives and court proceedings/reports.

To me, nothing takes the scare out of a scary movie like a court room report. I did enjoy the different narratives. Also the foreshadowing the reports allowed. And while I’m not a huge King fan, his writing is always fun to read. I definitely wouldn’t consider this book scary by any means, but it was enjoyable quick read.

Internet Best Of: Twitter

Internet Best Of: Links

ChristmasCats.tv is amazing
ChristmasCats.tv is amazing

Christmas Cats TV – Live stream 8 hours a day

Homemade Eggnog – Buttered Side Up

Online “Best of 2013” Book Lists – Largehearted Boy


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