November Monthly Spending in NYC 2013

November Monthly Spending in NYC 2013


November Monthly Budget in NYC 2013
November 2013 Spending – Fixed expenses in blue, Variable in purple

Let’s just start this by saying I went to Ikea this month. And bought things on Amazon. Two things I rarely do. But since I rarely buy anything, it just means bigger shopping trips.

The main theme of the month is: I hate my cats (i love my cats)

The cats have taken to peeing on towels and clothes that are on the floor. And when I went to Tennessee for four days, they let me know just how unhappy they were.

So I bought two new towel sets, a new sheet sets, new cat bowls, an eggcercizer, a small cat toy; then misc things I need for the house but never actually purchased like a bunch of kitchen towels, a bucket, a mop, floor cleaner, tall lamp, vases, tumblers. Real boring grown-up stuff. But I was able to thoroughly mop the apartment (all hardwood floors) and that greatly improved everything!

I also took Scarface to the vet for the first time and learned he needs some full dental work. Poor kitty! Expensive kitty! I plan to do this in January. But this appointment, including a check-up & vaccinations, was $100. I need to take Franklin in soon but he’s in much better shape so I might hold off. I will budget for these expected vet appointments but in reality, I don’t care how much the cats end up costing me. I’ll spend everything to make sure these annoying little critters aren’t in any pain. I love them soooo much.

Monthly Budget Percentages NYC
November 2013 Expenses – Percentages based on monthly income

Fixed Expenses

My fixed expenses have been remaining the same. I rarely need to adjust my budgeted allotment for them.

Variable Expenses

Even though I spent a ton more on House and Cat items than I usually do, I still didn’t go over my Variable budget. Yay! Surprisingly I spent the same amount on groceries as eating out. And thankfully (for my health and well-being) bought more groceries than booze. Let’s hope I can keep this up.

Savings & Debt Repayment Plans

I am no longer carrying a balance on my credit card. I have began using it, for small amounts, each month. Then paying it off immediately like you’re supposed to. Since I had gotten myself into cc debt twice before, I was a bit nervous if I could use it regularly. But it’s been working out so far. As far as budget goes, I just put these expenditures in their normal categories then pay the cc bill at the end of the month.

I’m still trying to build up my savings. The aggressive paying of my student loan begins next month.


Still doing hand-made charts and still looking for opinions. Does it look too childish? Are they difficult to read? I want to show that budgeting can be fun. And doesn’t require advanced excel knowledge.


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  1. I like the hand-drawn graphs, it makes it very unique and interesting! :) Good job, and I cheer you on as you start your student loan repayment. We have pretty similar amounts of $ to go on our debt, let’s do this thing! :)

  2. Oh no! Sorry about the cats! I cat sit for my friend while he was away and either the cat doesn’t like his litter box or he was just upset, but he pooped everywhere in the house. Pee is the worst though! Glad you stayed in budget for your variable expenses, and hope this is a better month regarding the pets!

    1. Thanks! Cat pee really is the worst. These little buggers know exactly what they’re doing when they do it! I’m trying to get better at having no clothes on the floor, scoop the litter once a day, and stop being so lazy on changing the box completely. These cats I tell ya!

  3. I love the handwritten graphs (makes me want to steal the idea :P … though for that to happen I need to get on top of my budgeting game again).
    And as a fellow cat owner, I know that feeling. Annie is more of a … vomity cat. In that we find “surprises” behind the curtains when we decide to dust back there. bf’s cats on the other hand pee all over towels. And in the sinks. And in the couch whenever they get upset or something “spooks” them. “Spooks” in the sense of even if they merely don’t like my body wash. Crazy cats! Good luck with their appointments and dental cleaning!

    1. Oof, poor kitties! I am very grateful that I haven’t had the ‘getting sick’ problem. Although that might be easier to deal with because the smell of cat pee is indestructable!

  4. Love the hand-drawn charts! The pictures make them fun! You could draw rent as a skyscraper one month, maybe.
    Animals can be pricey little devils!
    Isn’t adult inflation crappy? Who wants to spend their money on such things? New towels are awesome though!

  5. Not childish at all! They’re super cute. I love your drawings over the bars. :)

    Congrats again on being CC debt free! I was very nervous when I first got a CC after paying off all my debt, but it’s been smooth sailing for 10 months now. I actually charge everything on my CC and pay it off the next month out of my first paycheck because I get more rewards points that way. I just keep in mind that I can only charge up to a certain amount if I want to meet my savings goals the next month. (Thankfully, my two CCs have a combined credit limit of $4,000, so I couldn’t get in *too* much trouble. It’s slightly scarier than just a month ago when I only had a $1,000 credit limit to worry about, but I scored a CC with better rewards points for certain purchases. So it makes sense to use both cards instead of one with less awesome rewards.)

    1. I’ve actually thought a lot about this. My limit is $6K right now. While I would feel better if it were a little lower, that might defeat the purpose of having a CC. Technically, it really is for emergencies. Having a limit of $1K might not be enough to cover a real emergency (having to fly home while on vacation because of illness/family death). So I’ll keep what I have but I definitely don’t need to increase it.

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