How To Wash Your Hair

How To Wash Your Hair


how to wash your hair in the sprinkler
How To Wash Your Hair: No sprinkler needed

Use Shampoo On Your Scalp

Shampoo and conditioner do different things! You need to use them differently!

Massage shampoo into your scalp thoroughly, it doesn’t even need to lather (but some brilliant ad exec somewhere will be happy if you use enough that it does!) You really don’t need that much shampoo, even for long hair.

Shampoo bars are my personal recommendation for shampoo. They are easy to travel with (no liquids). And they last a very long time. Since you never have to worry about using too much.

There are lots of frugal craziness when it comes to shampoo and treatments. I think I tried washing my hair with baking soda once. Fail. I think I went a while without washing my hair and only doing the hand-water-scrub. Fail. Learn your hair! Try all these crazy things but realize when it might just not work out for you.

Use Conditioner On Your Ends

Conditioner is not needed unless your hair is unruly without it. I know some people swear by it but I don’t regularly use it myself.

Condition your ends only. Rubbing too much into your scalp might make it oily. Either way, your scalp doesn’t need conditioning but the ends of your hair does. With long hair, I generally pull my hair into a ponytail with one hand then condition the ‘ponytail’ part with focus on the tips. This is better for your hair and will hopefully save you on conditioner.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Everyday

A lot of people know this by now. Some people still feel grossed out about it. I wash my hair twice a week. On the off days, I still massage my scalp and run my fingers through my hair under the water. I’m not using actual shampoo but am at least loosening things up in there. Maybe it does nothing, I don’t know. Feels nice though.

Be Patient

When changing your hair cleaning routine, it might take up to 3 weeks to notice a difference in your hair. Especially if you wash your hair every day, there will be some build-up in your hair that takes time to get out. If you don’t like how your hair is after 3 weeks, then try something else. Just don’t get too discouraged too early.


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  1. I find that if I start at the top of my head and rub it into my scalp, then move to the sides of my head, then the underside of my scalp, that really cleans my hair well. Otherwise, just focusing on one spot doesn’t really get my hair as clean as it should.

    1. Good tip! That’s something else I do without thinking about it. Similar to a washing machine, I think agitation is sometimes more important than the specific type of shampoo you use. As long as you massage all of your scalp, whether it’s just water or lather, it will do the job.

  2. I think I break all your hair washing rules. I use a liquid shampoo — Head and Shoulders, oh the joy of a dry scalp — every single day. I use 3 products including hair spray, so my hair needs washed constantly.

    I put conditioner right onto the scalp first and work it down to the ends. My hair doesn’t get greasy at all, but like I said, I have a dry scalp. Everyone’s hair is different, my curls need conditioned daily just to run a comb through them. THEN, I still have to use a detangling product.

    1. No worries, these aren’t rules! Just suggestions. I don’t have curly hair but I don’t doubt it’s unruliness! I sometimes have dry scalp and have used this shampoo bar in the past, which helped. I didn’t mention this above but sometimes using lukewarm water instead of hot can help with that too.

  3. I had really good luck with washing my hair once a week and scrubbing with water+hands in the shower. This was while I was using products in my hair and working out every morning, so I was surprised that my hair didn’t look a greasy, nasty mess.

    It makes total sense to me that shampoo strips our scalps of natural oils which means we produce more oil than we would if we weren’t washing it away daily.

  4. My hair always looks best the day after it’s washed! My friends always ask me what my trick is, then they get grossed out when I tell them I don’t wash my hair everyday and that I don’t shampoo my ends! Oh well, my hair is healthy :P

  5. I think the biggest mistake people (mostly men) make about shampoo is using too much, thinking it will work better.

    The way shampoo works is by coating each hair follicle, and removing the oils and debris from that strand. If the strand is fully coated, it can’t be coated any more, and the excess shampoo is just waste.

    However, once is often not enough. The coating takes in as much as it can from the follicles, but it has a limit. If you shampoo twice with half the shampoo, you will be remarkably more clean, and your hair will thank you.

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