October Monthly Spending in NYC

October Monthly Spending in NYC


Monthly Budget in NYC

I skipped over September’s expense report. Sorry about that. But I spent a lot of money and things went kind of crazy. I transferred money out of my savings to cover it then put a whole lot back in October. October was my first full month being credit card debt free and holy cow did it feel great!

Monthly Budget in NYC

Fixed Expenses

My fixed expenses have been remaining the same. I rarely need to adjust my budgeted allotment for them.

Variable Expenses

I finally have a system for budgeting variable expenses! I was struggling with limiting myself too much within the variable categories. But I still wanted to track my spending per category. So, I changed around my budget so I have a budgeted amount for all variable spending – $1,000 in October. But I still track my spending per category then simply compare the Budget vs. Actual totals at the end of the month.

It’s nice being able to see that I spent more money on groceries than booze last month (priorities!). And as far as money goes, it doesn’t really matter that I did.

You might notice I don’t have a miscellaneous category. I know some folks swear by it but I like to know exactly what I’m spending money on! Otherwise what’s the point in all this tracking! Most of the categories are obvious. Although “Projects” is a bit of a catch-all. It usually refers to one-off purchases like art supplies or fabrics.

My Tennessee vacation was last month! Instead of breaking-out my vacation expenses into their appropriate categories, I just lumped it all together. All food and souvenir spending is together. This way I can see that I spent a total of $145 while on vacation. This does not count the plane tickets as that was money spent last month when purchased. Of course this is all a matter of your preference.

Savings & Debt Repayment Plans

Last year I started including my Savings and CC categories as “Fixed” in my budget instead of separating them out. They are mandatory categories. Thankfully, my cc debt paying is over! Now, I am still using it for purchases but small ones, to get the rewards, and I’m paying off my balance each month! I’m trying to build up my savings then start aggressively paying off my student loan beginning 2014.


For kicks, I decided to ditch excel this month and create the table & chart above by hand. Let me know what you think!


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      1. Do you separate out the drinks you had from the food if you have something to drink with dinner? Or is the booze category only for when there was no meal involved?

        1. I do separate it out! So that’s for all booze that I drank in a month. And Eating Out/Groceries is only for food. The one exception is for vacation – which includes all purchases I made while on vacation including drinks & food.

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