Horror Movies on Netflix Instant: Scream, Re-Animator, Slither

Horror Movies on Netflix Instant: Scream, Re-Animator, Slither


Netflix Picks are personal recommendations of movies/tv shows available on Netflix Instant.

There is a huge selection of Netflix Instant horror movies. Lots of cult horror like Toxic Avenger, Re-Animator, and Evil Dead. Horror originals that have now been re-made to death like Carrie (because we need another one!) Black comedy highlighted in last week’s line-up including Fargo. And even the Tim Burton animated musical Nightmare Before Christmas.

I don’t love Halloween the way most people do. I hate the dressing up part. But I love scary movies and yay for Netflix for making so many available.

Scream (1996) / Teen Slasher

Netflix Instant Horror Movies Scream 1996Watch Scream on Netflix Instant
Leslie Rating: 4/5
Summary: Wes Craven knows how to terrorize a highschool

Do you remember the first time you watched Scream? Major highschool nostalgia for me. I’m really am not sure if it would hold up or not. I do remember how exciting the murder reveal was – back before I turned into a curmudgeon who could predict a whole movie two minutes in (or think I can).

I can’t imagine the reveal being as shocking now but who knows! It’s still a fun ride and was the beginning of my highschool crush on Matthew Lilliard.

Re-Animator (1985) / Campy Horror

Netflix Instant Horror Movies Re-AnimatorWatch Re-Animator on Netflix Instant
Leslie Rating: n/a
Summary: A very bloody H.P. Lovecraft story about bringing back the dead

Even though I haven’t seen Re-Animator in full, I have seen enough to know that it’s gruesomely great. I think we watched clips of it in a media analysis class for who knows what reason.

Slither (2006) / Dark Comedy

Netflix Instant Horror Movies Slither 2006Watch Slither on Netflix Instant
Leslie Rating: n/a
Summary: Dark humor borderline parody but with gore aplenty

I know I try not to recommend movies for these posts unless I have seen them but Slither caught my eye. It looks like a horror film that is scary without taking itself too seriously. I appreciate that. Plus, it has Nathon Fillion.


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