Week Of 9/23: Birthdays, Comic Expo, and Playing Tour Guide

Week Of 9/23: Birthdays, Comic Expo, and Playing Tour Guide


Life: Birthday Time

31st birthday cake
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I’ve traditionally celebrated my birthdays by inviting friends over for board games. This way people aren’t spending a ton of money at a bar or restaurant, I get a chance to talk to everyone, and games help bring everyone together.

The past few years I’ve had to skip this because my apartments just weren’t big enough for company. This year, though, I decided to finally show off my place!

We played Cards Against Humanity, which I had heard was completely hilarious but I didn’t like it at all. Things that are raunchy/controversial/outlandish just for the sake of it don’t do it for me; it felt like the game was trying too hard. Aside from my own subjectivity, I thought that some of the more specific cards were detrimental to the point of the game. The cards shouldn’t be stand-alone funny. Call me boring but I’ll stick to “Apples to Apples”.

Thankfully a friend brought the game Anomia which was a hit! I highly recommend this for a group. We had 8 people and it worked well.

My birthday game nights do have one rule: I win.

Or in the case of teams, “Team Birthday” wins. That’s how I roll.

Life: MICE Comics Expo

mice 2013

Nikki DeSautelle and I spent the weekend in Cambridge selling comics at the Massachusettes Indie Comics Expo. The first day we spent from 10a to 6p sitting and smiling at people then, when the people walked away without buying anything, sitting and grimacing. That was the day.

It was a really good turn out though and definitely different from the Brooklyn comic fests I’ve been to. The admission was free so it brought in an interesting crowd, many were clearly new to diy comics. There were also many kids which was fun and a nice change (granted our material wasn’t quite geared toward that demographic).

Overall it was great to be a part of an indie comics expo and be surrounded by so many talented & creative folks.

Life: Reddit Gift Exchange

I’ve participated in several Reddit Gift exchanges now and have had positive results every time. I haven’t received anything insane (some people get ipads/laptops/etc) but have always had a thoughtful gifter. Just the same, I’ve really enjoyed doing the giving as well.

This month I signed up for their Trading Card Game exchange, not quite sure what to expect as a gift. As it turns out, my match did a great job sending me some MTG accessories that will definitely come in handy.

Pictured above I received a playmat (since I tend to play at the bar), some dice, card sleeves, a deck box, plus bonus home-made cookies!

Life Upcoming: Tour Guide

empire state view
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Right now as you read this, I am playing tour guide for Athena as this is her very first time in nyc!

Here’s the proposed itinerary:

  • Friday: West Village circuit ending at Avenue Q
  • Saturday: Central Park & Midtown circuit ending at Empire State Building
  • Sunday: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to do the Financial District circuit

I’ll detail next week what we actually end up doing (other than 50 miles each day of walking of course).

Books: John Dies At The End

john dies at the end

This book is as quirky as the title. I wanted to hate it yet I kept reading and not in a train wreck way. I enjoyed and am recommending this book because it is a perfect example of how you can go completely off the wall and cross every single line imaginable, yet somehow pull it off.

Some of the action scenes were so dumb I rolled my eyes a million times but… I kept on reading. This book is utterly ridiculous but not outright stupid.

I definitely recommend if you’re okay with nutty plot lines that don’t go anywhere but a journey that is totally worth it.

Link Time: Things I Read On the Internet and Liked

sweet potato skins from kohler created
spicy sweet potato skins – kohler created


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    1. East Village was on the list for West Village day (since it’s a short hop over) but we were on time constraints and didn’t make it over there. Bummer.

  1. Yay for gift exchanges! Happy Birthday, as well.
    That book looks very interesting, I might have to find out a little bit more about it. I need to read 3 more books by the end of the year to make my goal, which should be easily doable!

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