Exploring Brooklyn: Food, Views, and Booze in Red Hook


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Red Hook Brooklyn is an interesting neighborhood on the west side of the borough. It may often be forgotten since it is outside of subway access. There is one bus, the B61, that runs down Red Hook’s main street. Most people are familiar with Red Hook for housing Ikea and Fairway. But there is more to the neighborhood than Swedish furniture!

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound from TheGirlsNY
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The B61 bus goes right down Red Hook’s Van Brunt street and can drop you off right in front of the Red Hook Lobster Pound. Now, you can taste their delicious lobster rolls from their food truck but going right to the source is really the best way.

Red Hook Lobster Pound Menu from TheGirlsNY
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Not listed on the menu above but something they now offer is a Lobster Roll BLT for $10. Savory lobster with a giant slice of bacon? Yes please!

Red Hook Lobster Pound Lobster Roll by Wallyg
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You order in a small area with just a cashier then you can go next door to sit inside (they’ll bring your food to you) or sit outside on a bench if it’s a nice day. This was our pick.

Steve’s Key Lime Pies

Steve's Key Lime Pies via Steve and Sarah on Flickr
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Hidden on Van Buren st, a road sided with warehouses and goes to nothing but the water is the delicious Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies.

Key Limes Ahead
Knowing it’s not the easiest place to find, there are numerous signs guiding you to PIE! as you trek down to the water. We were about to turn around at one point until I saw this sign.

I first had a Steve’s Key Lime Pie last year during the Atlantic Antic street fair. I saw people carrying around these huge popsicles, so I thought, until I learned it was a Swingle.

Swingle: A frozen chocolate-covered mini key lime pie on a stick


Of course I had to get one.

Valentino Pier

valentino pier on flickr
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You can see Valentino Pier while ordering pies so I walked over there to eat my PIE ON A STICK and watch the sunset. This is one of the better views of Lady Liberty and the harbor. It’s unfortunate this doesn’t get taken advantage of more. In the summer there are free outdoor movies on the pier as well.

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If you go, bring a real camera because the views are great! You can see the Statue of Liberty, some tall ships sailing around the harbor, and the Staten Island Ferry shuttling back and forth.


Baked Bakery
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Continuing the tour portion where I stuff my face with food, I stopped in at a local bakery Baked. Again, they have a food truck and sell in stores but I had never been to their home location. I bought a grasshopper mint brownie and a whoopie pie. They were disgustingly sweet. I would skip this next time.


brooklyn ice house
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First on the list of bars was Brooklyn Ice House. They had cheap beers (great happy hour) and a huge outdoor area. Great atmosphere – definitely want to come back to this one. There is a food menu, mainly bar food and, notably, serves Frito Pie. The backyard filled up quickly with large groups so come early if you want a good spot. Indoors was nice too though and fairly roomy.

Bait and Tackle Red Hook
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Second stop, located right next door, was Bait + Tackle. Because there isn’t a back yard, this place was rather empty and had a more varied crowd. The inside is quite roomy with a large back area and jukebox.


If you’re going to explore Red Hook, I highly suggest checking out Red Hook Lobster Pound, Steve’s Key Lime Pies, Valentino Pier, and Brooklyn Ice House. Skip Baked. Catch a ride on the B61 bus or walk a little bit to the F/G at Smith & 9th st.


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