Comics Assembly (Not As Much Fun As It Looks)


super fun life adventures

My first collection of comics, Super Fun Life Adventures, is back from the printer! Everything looks great on the cover and the inside pages. I ended up putting 12 comics in quarters on 11×17 paper. I would have loved to have16 but coming up with jokes is hard!

In a moment of brilliance, I decided to DIY the assembly process. Sure, I sent everything to a printer but am I going to pay to have someone cut + fold a bunch of paper for me? No way!

Well, after putting together only 10 of them last night… it’s really not all that much fun.

But the end product still looks professional (as professional as drawings of food people need to be). Ten down, forty to go!

Check It Out in Person

Super Fun Life Adventures will be debuted at the Mass Indie Comics Expo on the 28th (next week!) in Cambridge, MA. The show is free so stop by and say hi!


If you have thoughts on this and would like to discuss please use Twitter or send me an email.