August 2013 Monthly Spending in NYC

August 2013 Monthly Spending in NYC


This is the current personal budget I use for single-income living in a 1br apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn Budget August 2013

Fixed Spending

Electricity went back to normal, thankfully. Also, this month I began subscribing to Spotify ($10/mo). I wavered back and forth about subscribing but considering it’s 0% of my income, it’s hard to pass up something I use every single day (for hours at a time).

Look! I am still on track to have my Credit Card paid off next month! Eeeee!

I want to point out that it really helps me to include my CC bill and Savings in with the rest of my Fixed Spending. These are not optional and are (about) the same every month. I worry that putting Savings in it’s own area makes it seem different/less important/forgettable. Don’t do this! You have to put money in savings just as you have to pay electricity.

Variable Spending

Uh oh. I didn’t plan ahead as well as I should have this month. The traveling expenses are Amtrak tickets for my trip to Cambridge in September (I get to see Deena!)

Projects consisted of an impromptu Wacom Intuos 3 purchase ($100 used). Most of this category will include one-time purchase of art supplies while I begin stocking up. Next month I will increase the budget here to accommodate making copies of everything.

My health bills from earlier this year seem to be coming in a steady, albeit slowly, stream. Dr’s offices, labs, why can’t they just all send me one giant bill at once?

Next Month

I am planning on next month being rather spendy since I will be taking a trip, celebrating my birthday, and preparing everything to sell my comics. You’d think I’d be too busy working on everything to spend money, nope.


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  1. Pie chart!! (*running away now*)

    You’re right though. Outside of rent, all of the rest of your costs are significantly less than mine. :)

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