Week of 8/25: Red Hook + Pie on a Stick

Week of 8/25: Red Hook + Pie on a Stick


Life: Red Hook Summer (not the movie)

View from Red Hook's Valentino Pier Last Friday I explored the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook for the first time. Here’s a full post on the expedition.

The exploration included lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, beers at Bait & Tackle and Brooklyn Ice House, watching the sunset on Valentino Pier, and a swingle from Steve’s Key Lime Pies.

What’s a swingle? It’s a frozen mini chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick! AKA: The most delicious thing on earth (and I don’t even like key lime pie)

Cats: Are Stalkers

Art Director Cat Keeping Tabs on Me My cats follow me around the apt like puppy dogs and must be able to see me at all times. When I’m sitting at the table working on something (drawing, this post, etc), my cat Scarface loves to lay in his bookshelf office and keep tabs on me.

Comics: Composing Progress

glamorous single living Keeping this updated mainly for my own accountability because the MICE show is now less than a month away. I will be selling my cookbook-zine and debuting a small collection of comics at the Massachusetts Indie Comic Expo the weekend of September 28th (birthday weekend!)

I was able to get three comics roughly composed into panels this week – that’s a lot of progress for me. I’m planning on 10 strips total. This week I put together Glamorous Single Life (above), How To Frost A Cupcake, and Cooking For Cats.

More sneak peeks will be posted here throughout the month but I don’t want to give too much away!

Books: American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout

Jennifer Armintrout American Vampire Considering the last vampire book I read was by Anne Rice in highschool, I was pleasantly surprised that “American Vampire” held together well and wasn’t a stereotypical vampire novel.

I have a small twitter-crush on Jennifer Armintrout and was looking forward to reading one of her novels. I’m big on series so I picked a stand-alone story. I finished this in less than 24 hours of checking it out of the library.

It’s a fun story about a small town that is cursed and a vampire who gets stuck there. The story is silly and fun with a really pleasant writing style with enough humor & suspense to keep you interested. We’re not talking top literary fiction here folks, but it was definitely enjoyable.

Books: The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd

Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd College-based stories can be hit or miss with too much angst or not enough conflict but “The Cheese Monkeys” had a great balance of both. Centered around an Art major at State University (yep), most of the story involves the three main characters battling it out with their graphic design teacher. Things are surprisingly kept interesting.

This took me two days, so another fun/interesting read. The ending gets a little fizzled but the characters themselves are pretty strong without too much of a college stereotype. For those who care, there is not a romantic story line at all which was quite refreshing. I definitely recommend for a weekend read.

Movies: Romantic Time Travel

Kate + Leopold Happy Accidents I fell into this weird time travel + love kick last weekend and watched “Kate and Leopold” then “Happy Accidents”. The latter is actually a good movie, the former is a silly Meg Ryan rom com. But… not the worst.

Interestingly K+L starts off strong but withers out half way through, whereas “Happy Accidents” starts off with some meandering but then kicks it into gear and really holds your attention. Both had an interesting (albeit silly) aspect on time travel, with HA actually trying to cover it’s basis of how some of it could work.

At it’s core, the idea of time travel in itself is very romantic and actually lends pretty well to this nature of movies.

Internet: Things I Liked


2 Replies to “Week of 8/25: Red Hook + Pie on a Stick”

  1. Am I weird for not wanting them to explain time travel in movies? I remember there being all of these arguments on the IMDb boards about Looper and how IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. I couldn’t help but think, “It works however the movie writers want it to work because time travel doesn’t exist!” I’m usually fine suspending disbelief long enough to watch a time travel (or other fantastical element) movie and just enjoy it without anyone telling me how it works. (I wasn’t a fan of Happy Accidents, though not for that reason.)

    Speaking of time travel, there’s a movie coming out in November with Rachel McAdams (who was also in The Time Traveler’s Wife – haven’t seen the movie but really liked the book) called About Time that looks cute.

    1. Nah, I don’t care so much about an explanation either because IT’S A MOVIE. Everything exists in movies with or without explanation. That’s the beauty of sci-fi — it’s pure fiction.

      What didn’t you like about Happy Accidents? I’ve never seen Time Traveler’s Wife but heard the book was enjoyable.

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