Week of 8/4: Long Island Wineries + Beaches, More Comics, Homemade Foods

Week of 8/4: Long Island Wineries + Beaches, More Comics, Homemade Foods


Life: Long Island Wineries

Long Island Wineries North Fork

A few weekends ago, two friends and I spent a Saturday visiting various Long Island wineries in the north fork. It was a beautiful day and we were happy to take advantage of it by sitting outside at these beautiful locations, enjoying a bottle, and chatting among friends.

We did tastings at Macari, McCall, and Laurel Lake Wineries. Macari was very nice and had good wine, McCall had a great ambiance (and horses!) but the reds we tried had a very ‘pepper’ taste, and Laurel Lake was our favorite for ambiance and wine – I bought a bottle of red and white there.

I let myself spend money on food and wine and really enjoyed myself. Breaks from the city don’t happen enough and I really wanted to take advantage of it!

Life: Robert Moses Beach

Robert Moses State Park A few days after the wineries, I headed back out to Long Island to spend a Tuesday at Robert Moses State Park. The beach here is beautiful and since we didn’t go on a weekend, it never became too crowded.

The group of us was myself (age 30), my niece (age 27), my sister (age 46), and my grand-nephew (age 5). This was my grand-nephew’s first time at the ocean and he loved it!

Anytime we were out of the ocean, this was his usual dialog: “Can we go back in the water?” “Are we going back in the water?” “Did the waves stop yet?” “Can I go swimming next time?” “Are you ready to go back to the water?”

Life: I Hate The R Train

Glamorous Living in NYC

Well, the R train tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn is officially closed now for 14 months! This directly affects my morning commute.

So, since my local Q station is also out of commission, the quickest way I’ve found is to take a bus to a train to get to Manhattan. The bus, well, isn’t always the most timely or efficient method but I’m running out of options!

Comics: Drawing + Supplies

Since I am attending MICE in late September with Nikki DeSautelle, I’ve been trying to put some serious time into my projects.

In the name of making my life easier, I splurged and bought myself a used Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and a copy of Manga Studio 4 Debut. I’m excited to use the new tools but really want to compare whether I want to ink digitally or by hand going forward.

I like the “rawness” of hand inking but at the same time, being able to “fix and erase” ink on the computer is pretty great.

Anyone have any suggestions or preference on this?

Food: Kale Pesto + Red Pepper Hummus with an Electric Chopper

It’s well-known that nyc kitchens are tiny and mine is no exception. I don’t quite have the counter/storage space for a food processor but I recently bought a tiny 1.5 cup electric chopper for $15. This thing is great! I really don’t need to make more than a cup and a half of something if it is just for me anyway.

Last week I made Kale Pesto (exactly what it sounds like) because in Brooklyn you have to eat kale for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I also whipped up red pepper hummus for a get-together and that was sooooo good.

Please share your favorite homemade recipes for a chopper/food processor!

Books: A Visit From the Goon Squad

This was a quick read that I wouldn’t have picked up if it weren’t a book club selection. I don’t typically enjoy books where nothing happens. I know it’s supposed to be about the writing and the character exploration… but that just didn’t work for me here. I didn’t care about any character and felt the author never made me want to care about any of these terribly boring people.

Even though only slightly related, I still put it in the genre of “washed-up musician losers who hate themselves and everyone else.” The classic in this genre is, of course, High Fidelity. So go read that instead.

Books: Big Brother

Although this is the first Shriver book I read, I had been warned about her dictionary style of writing. Finding the most esoteric words in a thesaurus just to be ostentatious and verbose is extremely off-putting for a reader.


Obnoxious writing-style aside, the story itself was fine. To keep it from being a traditional feel-good story the author has this idiotic ending that was so “out-there” it didn’t even cause an emotional response. However, with the ending she picked, you actually can say that nothing happens in this story. Literally, nothing.


Lockjaw from Dance Hall Crashers
We Owe by Dance Hall Crashers

Title: We Owe
Artist: Dance Hall Crashers
Album: Lockjaw (1995)
Genre: 90’s Pop-Punk

Wait! Before you listen, here’s the deal.

I loved Dance Hall Crashers in high school (think 1997) during my punk-ska phase. I can only listen to it now out of nostalgia and I realize that while the band isn’t necessarily “good”, they’re still fun.

The song We Owe in particular is fun and cute. Plus, as a quasi-personal-finance-blogger, the whole song makes me smile.

Internet: Things I Liked

  • Recipe: I made Kara’s Quinoa Salad for a bbq – had no idea cooked quinoa was so cute!
  • Recipe: Alisa share’s her recipe for 24 Hour Pickles that I can’t wait to try.
  • Web Hosts: I know there’s been a shake-up recently over web hosting so here is a great web host performance comparison write-up.
  • Books: Flavorwire made a list of 50 must-read sci-fi-/fantasy books. I’ve only read a dozen of them, so I guess I know what I’ll be reading the rest of the year.
  • Software: I learned that there is a 30-day free trial offered for Manga/Comic Studio 4 Debut!
  • Speech: Author George Saunders wrote a beautiful convocation speech for graduates at Syracuse University.
  • Promotional: Sorry! Gotta throw in that I was a guest on HuffPost Live this week discussing issues with my father and borrowing money.


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