Week of 7/21: Video Games Because I’m a Giant Nerd

Week of 7/21: Video Games Because I’m a Giant Nerd


The Last of Us Video Game

Games: Last of Us

Let me tell you a confession right now. I loooove the Uncharted Series for PS3. I loooove Nathan Drake. I loooove game company Naughty Dog.

Last of Us is amazing.

Okay, I only watched three chapters of a friend play it but, seriously, this company cannot put out a bad game. While watching, part of me just wanted the main character to be Nathan Drake. And part of me wanted to see him climb and jump impossible feats. But it was nice to see their beautiful game engine for a different type of game. This game has more creativity for weapon building, more stealth, and a different storyline (not just adventure, gold, and girls).

You team up with a young girl who is an exact replica of Ellen Page’s character in Juno. She’s quirky, likes comic books, and curses a lot. Also looks very similar. So, that can get a bit disconcerting (or good for you if you like Ellen Page but she tends to annoy the fuck out of me so I found it disconcerting).

Sure, it’s another zombie game but who cares because it looks amazing, has innovating game play, and an actual story line. I realize those of you familiar with xbox games don’t understand the value of a story but, trust me, it actually brings depth to a game. Well, this game isn’t just a shoot-em-up anyway so maybe the xbox kids should just stick with Halo.

Games: Scribblenauts

I tend not to play dumb iOS games like bejeweled and other games that bring zero value. (I know, who am I to judge the value of a game. Too bad. I just did.) But I’ve heard good things about Scribblenauts since it came out for DS and I love the idea that you need to come up with the tools to solve each level. You’re not finding the tools, you’re actually creating them! I’ve only done a few levels so far but it’s pretty fun and looks like they have a huge library. When I typed “chicken” it asked if I meant the food or the animal. Cute!

Books: Blueprints of the Afterlife

Finally finished this up, I am a much slower re-reader. I’m looking forward to discussing this with other people this weekend (I hope they read it!) This book is seriously fucked up. Some of it makes sense. Half of it doesn’t.

I mean, all your questions get answered but you’re still left going “what. the. fuck.” Imaginative though and not entirely off-base with some of Boudinot’s future predictions.

Books: The Sandman Vol 1: Precludes & Nocturnes

The Sandman series is a collection of comic books that have been turned into volumes. Volume 1 consists of the first 8 comics. I have been hearing about how amazing this series is since college and it was the first time I heard of Neil Gaiman. I wish I had read it first because I would probably be going into it with a different outlook.

Now, after reading American Gods, Neverwhere, Marvel 1601, and Good Omens – I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like Gaiman’s writing style. I am still giving The Sandman series a chance but the writing hasn’t persuaded me yet.

The illustrations, however, are amazing! Everything has a cinematic style and the darkness of The Sandman really comes through. It can be pretty creepy at times (far creepier than that boring House of Leaves book). There’s some gore, not much horror, but lots of creeps. I am enjoying it so far but this will be the last Gaiman I read.

Movies: Inception, Point Break, Bad Boys

Inception Point Break bad boys

Re-watched Inception (2010) and it’s still great. Ellen Page was severely mis-cast but Joseph Gordon Levitt is amaaaaaazing! Point Break (1991) was dumb. I love Keanu Reeves perpetually playing a stoner-trying-not-to-look-stoned but this movie was seriously boring. Bad Boys (1995), on the other hand, totally fun! I am going through a cop-buddy movie phase right now and this was great.


exile in guyville from liz phair
Ant in Alaska by Liz Phair

Title: Ant n Alaska
Artist: Liz Phair
Album: Exile in Guyville
Genre: Indie / Lo-Fi

The album Exile in Guyville is the break-up album.

Internet: Things I Liked


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