Week of 7/15: More Rockaway Beach + TIL on the Internet + MoMA Movies

Week of 7/15: More Rockaway Beach + TIL on the Internet + MoMA Movies


Rockaway Beach Boardwalk after the Hurricane
2013 Rockaway Beach Boardwalk – Queens, NY via Flickr

Life: Low-Key Week

I’m off to Rockaway Beach once again this weekend. Things have been cleaned up down there and I had a great time there two weeks ago. However, as you can see in the photo above, there still isn’t a boardwalk. It’s amazing to me how destructive nature really can be.

Otherwise, this week has been pretty low-key because sometimes leading a glamorous life in nyc tires me out and I find myself in bed at 10p. I spent most of my after-work evenings completing drawing exercises so I can now draw… a chair! Hey, it’s a start. I’d be more apt to leave my apartment if my face didn’t melt off the second I step outside.

Internet: Things I Learned

  • The Canyons, starring James Deen and Lindsay Lohan, premieres at FSLC in two weeks
  • Credit Sesame will tell you your credit score for free
  • Any leaser in NYC is legally entitled to sublease their apartment – a landlord’s complaint will rarely hold water
  • Potatoes are a better gift than roses
  • Kara wrote a great recipe with full instructions for freezer chicken soup
  • The MTA did a complete review of the G train. Consensus: This train could run perfectly if we had $700K.
  • You’re never too old for a ridiculous birthday cake as exemplified by Jenny Trout

Cats: Are Dumb

I don’t have a photo of this because I was too busy figuring out what happened. I bought some items from Amazon but didn’t open the boxes because I got home too late and wanted to go to bed (see above paragraph). In the morning, I noticed that one of the still-sealed boxes was moving! I looked at the side and saw the tape had been ripped through, then I saw a paw come out of the small opening.

I stood there for a few minutes waiting to see what was going to happen, but… it was clear that my cat Franklin had ripped through the tape, climbed into the box, then got himself stuck! I eventually felt sorry for the lil’ critter and cut through the tape to open the box. At which point Franklin just stared at me and remained in the box. Pft!

Books: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

I finished up The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards and spent most of the week going back through the exercises. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete all the exercises before the book was due back to the library. I plan to purchase it next month since it’s a great reference tool as well.

Books: Blueprints of the Afterlife

I read Blueprints of the Afterlife by Ryan Boudinot last year and enjoyed it. I recommended it for a book club so I’m re-reading it before we all meet at the end of this month.

It’s difficult for me to re-read things as I lose some of the energy I had the first time around because, well, now I know everything. I’m also picking up on a lot of his writing quirks that are usually fine but are sometimes a bit over-the-top. Overall though, it is still a great story and so far has remained a fun read.

Movies: Dark Knight Rises

Taking advantage of my MoMA membership which lets me into all their movies for free, I watched Dark Knight Rises for the first time. It was fun but a bit too long to hold my attention in the middle. I love Joseph Gordon Levitt though, so that helped.

The weirdest part for me was the fact the movie was filmed in NYC and specifically the Financial District where I now work. It’s hard to suspend disbelief when they’re fighting outside my favorite sandwich shop.

Movies: The Town

I vaguely remember hearing about this movie when it came out but actually had no idea what it is about aside from seeing the poster the day before the film. This was another film showed at MoMA so, since it’s free for me, I figured it was a good way to spend 2 hours in air conditioning (priorities!).

Bonus: MoMA’s free Fridays includes movies at their cinema before 8! I recommend taking advantage of this because the museum itself during free hours is a total shit show.

Music: Halo Benders

Don’t Touch My Bikini by The Halo Benders

Title: Don’t Touch My Bikini
Artist: Halo Benders
Album: God Don’t Make No Junk
Genre: Indie Rock

The Halo Benders is a side-project fronted by Doug Martsch of Built to Spill and Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening. Their voices complement each other very well. As a BTS fan I absolutely love this band and can see fans of both bands liking their stuff.

Weekly Spending

Although I am not tracking my spending on paper this month, I am still conscious of my spending. Here’s what I remember for this week: $85 at Amazon for a new headphone extender, the diva cup (I blame Katie for this), a floppy beach hat, and a food chopper; $30 on groceries; $23 eating out. I didn’t buy lunch out at all this week (second week in a row)!

How did you spend your week?


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  1. As a person who 1) is nosy and 2) loves you, I really enjoy seeing what you’re up to through the week since we’re both horrible at keeping in touch via email, and even when we do email, it’s usually, “This is an overview of what happened this month.” So keep these up!

    I really just wanted to leave a comment that said: DIVA CUP! Woo! I’ll have to email you a funny story about the Diva Cup since it’s too long and graphic to be left in a comment.

    1. In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll send you my own fun lil’ diva cup story. I’m kind of excited to use the little thing!

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