Week of 7/8: Governor’s Island + OKC FML

Week of 7/8: Governor’s Island + OKC FML


Governor's Island NYC

Life: Governor’s Island

I went to Governor’s Island today! It’s a small island south of and in between Manhattan & Brooklyn. There is a free ferry from South Street Sea Port and Brooklyn Bridge Park. I did not know much about the island other than it is a national landmark, there is an old fort/castle there, and lots of park land/greenery. Well, that is all correct!

The ferry ride was about 10-15 minutes. The island did not take long to walk around and we mainly sat in the shade on a blanket most of the time. The one aspect of this I wasn’t expecting were all the kids. This is definitely a family activity and many of the things to do there were kid-oriented. It seemed to me to be a big park. Lots of green grass (see photo above), trees, a nice bike/walking path around the island, and a beautiful view of the city. I’m not sure I would go again unless there was a specific event I wanted to see. I also might consider visiting Governor’s Island when it’s a little bit cooler and I have a bicycle. However, this was something I have wanted to do in NYC for some time and am happy that I finally got to it!

Life: I’m an Idiot

Friday night I went out with friends and we were trying to meet up with people in this neighborhood. It was raining so while waiting for folks, some of us stood inside a store – we were the only ones there so I set down my bag then went outside to try to track people down.

I found some people, went back to the store, then we all left together to go to a nearby bar. That was when I realized I didn’t have my back. I don’t panic when these things happen and I didn’t need to. The cashier at the store had turned it into security. A security guard took me to the little office and I got my bag back.

It wasn’t until later that night I realized that my cash ($20) and my unlimited metro card ($112) was missing. On one hand, it could have been a lot worse but, then again, I really wish I didn’t leave my bag there like an idiot to begin with. I do plan on getting a refund for the card. Another bright side is someone gave me free cupcakes while I was waiting for security. Still would rather not have things stolen from me but, eh, I’ll take what I can get.

UPDATE: After being on hold with MTA for about 5 minutes, I put in a claim and will get a refund of $44.88 for the stolen card (I bought the card June 28th).

Life: Commute

Warning: Rant! To get to work I take the Q -> R. Unfortunately, my Q station is closed on the north-bound (Manhattan) side. Now, I have to take the F -> R, which takes a little longer. However, is still okay. But… in August the R train tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan is closing! Normally, I would take the Q to Atlantic Terminal then have my option of transfers between the 2, 3, 4, or 5 trains. But with my Q station under construction until the fall, that is not possible. My only option is to take the F -> A/C to Fulton st which leaves me with a 15 min walk from the train station to my office.

Yeah, there are bigger things to complain about in the world but I really wanted to rant about that. For those of you with cars, think about if your exit to get on the highway was going to be closed until the fall. Then you find out that the next closest exit will be closing in August for a year! Your only option left is to drive 20 minutes way out of the way to get to work. And this road will now be busier than usual because everyone else is doing that too. Not the end of the world but still makes me grumpy pants in the morning.


After not having an OK Cupid account since April, I decided to sign-up again. For no real reason, boredom mostly. My usual cycle with OKC is to have an account for 3 mos, then leave the site for 6 mos, repeat. It takes a lot of energy to actively date like that and is terribly depressing at the same time.

Why depressing? Well, in the five days I’ve had an account, let’s take a look at some of the messages guys expect to work on women:

Terrible OKC Message

What's Up OKC Message

Terrible OKC Message

Terrible OKC Message

Terrible OKC Message


Cats: Are Helpful

Franklin the cat is helping
Look! Franklin is helping me pack!

Books: Jonathan Tropper

I read One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper in the beginning of the week, as it is a light read. I’ve found myself reading a lot from the “lonely emotional 30-something male looking for something more to life” genre and it’s getting old. (High Fidelity is still the best one.)

The entire plot line of Tropper’s story is extremely predictable and one of the oldest stories around: man leads a shitty life, finds out he’s dying, realizes he wants to be a better person, becomes a better person. However, the characters kept my interest despite the cookie-cutter story. There’s not much depth here but scenes are set well and some of the wit made me chuckle. If you’re looking for a light-but-depressing read, this is a good go-to.

Books: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

After Tropper, I started reading The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. I am over half-done with it but need to go back and practice some of the exercises.

Reading a text book for casual use is a little tricky. I’ve been reading the text on the train then trying out each lesson at home. It certainly is difficult to do this on your own without feedback, but the instructions are very clear. I also enjoy reading about the brain in general, so the written material is quite interesting to me. Hopefully, at the end of this, I will be able to draw more than inanimate objects with arms + legs.

Movies: The Matrix

One of the bonuses of my $85 MoMA membership is being able to see movies at MoMa Cinema for free/$5 for friends. I took advantage of this for the first time last week and went to see The Matrix. I hadn’t seen it since college and although I can’t say it holds up well, the cinematography is still pretty amazing. I’m glad to have finally seen it in theaters (for free).

Music: Hum

I’d Like Your Hair Long by Hum

Title: I’d Prefer Your Hair Long
Artist: Hum
Album: You’d Prefer An Astronaut (1995)
Genre: Post-Hardcore, 90’s Champaign-Urbana

Hum is an incredibly talented late-90’s band that does not sound like a 90’s band at all. Wikipedia lists them as “post-hardcore” and “space-rock”, which isn’t the best classification. The only way I can describe Hum to you is ahead-of-their-time. They are one of those bands that had little commercial success but have developed a following after their career and have been very influential to other bands. Their most notable single off this album was “Stars.”

Weekly Spending

Although I am not tracking my spending on paper this month, I am still conscious of my spending. Here’s what I remember for this week: $80 for 2 new pairs of shoes, $30 for groceries, $20 on booze, $12 eating out, $10 on art supplies. I didn’t buy lunch out at all this week!

I am really rough on my shoes and will wear a pair until the bottom falls out (literally). Well, two recent pairs have holes through the sole now so I braced myself and went shoe shopping. I don’t like shopping at all so I basically took the first two shoes I thought looked fine and got the hell out of there. Now I have a new pair of flats and canvas shoes, which both were already budgeted for this month.

I am still looking for feedback of what to add/modify/remove from these weekly posts!


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