Week of 7/1: Rockaway Beach + It’s Too Hot

Week of 7/1: Rockaway Beach + It’s Too Hot


Today was my first Rockaway Beach trip of the summer! That means it was also my first time there since Hurricane Sandy in November. This area of Queens got hit the hardest by the storm and it still shows. Fort Tilden is closed all summer, Jacob Riis is open, and parts of the public beach area is open to a certain degree.

Swimming was not allowed before B106th street because of erosion and debris in the water. We easily found a perfect, un-crowded spot around B110th st. The water was chilly but great once you got used to it and really helped us cool down from the horrendous heat we’ve had all weekend. The beach was just as nice in that part as last year, the waves were totally manageable, and the water very shallow. It was a great day, despite my feet being attacked by little crabs in the sand.

Earlier this week I met Evan from My Journey To Millions, Erin from Broke Millenial, and Sam from Financial Samurai for delicious Korean BBQ at Kunjip.

I found a new bar in my neighborhood! There isn’t too much around so I was happy to stumble upon Bar Chord. This is a cute place with a good happy hour and a nice back yard. Their happy hour deal is from 4-7p $2 cans, $5 draft/well. Two dollar modelo’s? Yes please!

Summer in nyc has finally kicked in and it’s terrible. It is SO HOT. Every time I’m in my apartment, the cats and I become a pool of liquid melting on the floor until the a/c kicks in. Related, I’m terrified of my electric bill.


Scarface decided to climb up the window guard for no reason. He got up to the ceiling, realized there was no where else to go then jumped/fell down then ran under the bed embarrassed. (He was fine).

Franklin found a new hiding spot. Despite the kitchen cupboards being taped shut!


This week I read Perdido Street Station by China Mieville – it was great! I almost bailed because I went into it with a very low opinion of the author after hating his other work, Kraken, several years ago.

Fortunately, this story is great, riveting, very Neverwhere-seque but more grown up. However, Mieville is very wordy and I definitely found myself skipping over some of the totally unnecessary scenes that come up.

Don’t be intimidated by the length, it moves fast and the plot never really slows down. I definitely recommend this one for the Gaiman crowd!


  • What Size Am I – Because stores aren’t unanimous with sizing, here is an interactive chart that will tell you which size you are at which stores. Seemed pretty accurate for me.
  • Cat Thermometer – My cats have been stretched out, bellies to the wall all week
  • Large Hearted Boy – David Gutowski’s website is an amazing resource for book and music news, free music downloads, weekly comic lists, and other great things.
  • By Request

  • Erotic Fan Fic – Jenny Trout’s blog is the first thing that popped into my head when Montague requested erotic fanfic. Sorry, I’m not far enough into the world of Slash to know the real resources.
  • Scantily Clad Ladies – Reddit offers the best resource I can think of for this without actually sending my readers to a pr0n site. As requested by, who else, Nelson from Financial Uproar.


In honor of my Rockaway Beach trip, here’s the Ramones:

This is my first Weekly Recap type of post. I’m not sure if I’ll continue but would like some feedback if readers are interested in these types of things and what you would like to see here.


6 Replies to “Week of 7/1: Rockaway Beach + It’s Too Hot”

  1. I enjoyed this – definitely would be happy with seeing more. I like recap posts as long as they’re not just a rehash of earlier postings.

  2. I had a cat named Scarface and one name stickyfingers. Crabs in the sand can be very annoying. My family really enjoys going to the beach and hopefully the city/people/beach recovers from the destruction caused by Sandy. Did you know Sam, Evan and Erin? Must been nice meeting some other bloggers.

    1. I had met Erin previously but it was the first time meeting with Sam and Evan. Everyone was great!

      It was rather bittersweet being at the beach. It is nice to see them trying to repair things as quickly as possible and get the beach put together enough for the summer. However, it’s still crazy that everything down there was destroyed. All the homes we passed were either boarded up or brand new.

    1. My neighborhood is very residential so there aren’t too many things to do in the area. I love the handful of restaurants/bars already within walking distance but always happy to see more!

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