Favorite Long Runs: Bedford Avenue Brooklyn

Favorite Long Runs: Bedford Avenue Brooklyn


Bedford Avenue 10.2 Mile Run in Brooklyn

Bedford Avenue is the longest road in Brooklyn – 10.2 miles. It runs South to North from Sheepshead Bay at Emmons Ave to Greenpoint at Manhattan Ave.

This run was my first real exploration of Brooklyn. Although you are running on streets/sidewalks, this is still my favorite long run and is a great way to see the diversity & change of neighborhoods.

In only 10 miles you run from a sleepy bay-side retirement community to the land of hipster youths.

Miles 1-3

Starting the run from the South is quiet. You pass by real houses with real yards and real driveways. Suburbia. You run the length of the alphabet from Avenue X up to Avenue C. There won’t be too many people out, especially if you start early. You won’t pass too many bodega’s either so plan ahead for drinks.

Miles 4-6

The neighborhoods change on a dime. Suburbia will quickly change into an urban environment with large apartment buildings, bodegas, and people out on the sidewalks (so watch out for pedestrians). You run through Flatbush & Lefferts-Gardens, and then Crown Heights welcomes you with a giant hill. Geographically, there is no way around this hill. For those of you who have run through Prospect Park, it’s that hill. Whether you run in the park or around it, you still need to get up it. Have fun with that.

Miles 7-9

Again you see neighborhoods quickly change from Bed Stuy to South Williamsburg. Enjoy the diversity and realize that an hour ago you were by the ocean in the suburbs.

Mile 10

As expected, the last mile through the middle of Williamsburg past McCarren Park can be a bit of a drag. Try to do this early or start from this end if you prefer. The sidewalks will be crowded. You can, of course, run down a less popular avenue instead but I wanted to stick with Bedford out of principle.

Conveniently, once you reach the end of Bedford you can just walk over to the park and not have to move for a while.


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