Buy my Cookbook at MoCCa Fest this weekend! (4/6-4/7)


Cookbook Release

This weekend, April 6-7 at MoCCa Fest in Manhattan, my cookbook/zine will be available for purchase at Nikki DeSautelle’s table #C77!

Zine in the Making

After sharing numerous recipes on this site, I wanted to take things off-line and decided to create a zine with my favorite dessert recipes. Using the free vector-based program Inkscape, I created the layout from scratch and hand-drew the silly illustrations.

In true zine-fashion, I used the computer sparingly and taped the drawings to each recipe page then spent an evening with a copier. The following night was all about folding & stapling.

For tasty recipes of brownies, muffins, cupcakes and more, stop by table #C77 (thanks to Nikki DeSautelle – be sure to check out her stuff) at MoCCa Fest 2013 4/6-4/7 in Manhattan.

For you Brooklynites, don’t worry, this cookbookzine will also be available at the Brooklyn Zine Fest later this month on 4/21!


If you have thoughts on this and would like to discuss please use Twitter or send me an email.